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Jocelyn Berard Accelerating Leadership Development. Practical Solutions for Building Your Organizations Potential

Proven strategies and innovative solutions for developing and retaining successful leaders Many organizations today are facing a crisis of leadership. As the Baby Boomer generation exits the workforce, companies are struggling to find qualified leaders to fill critical roles. Accelerating Leadership Development offers solutions for leadership development, management, and retention from award-winning development firm Global Knowledge. Accelerating Leadership Development provides a proven model to help companies develop high-potential employees with the competencies and knowledge capital to assume critical roles successfully. It includes practical and rigorous tools that enable organizations to identify targets and predict those targets success with six measurable factors. With this proven development system, companies can develop a pipeline of ready leaders with high levels of engagement and retention. Features actionable, effective principles and strategies for leadership development using a results-oriented framework Chapters address communication and delegation strategies, effective feedback models, shifting of responsibility and accountability to direct reports, and contemporary coaching and development approaches Based on in-depth research and client interactions from one of the most prominent names in workforce development For any business that experiences a leadership failure or a lack of qualified leaders for vital positions, the consequences can be devastating. This practical and effective guide to leadership development offers real solutions for long-term excellence.

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Rebecca Reichard J. Leader Developmental Readiness: Pursuit of Leadership Excellence. New Directions for Student Leadership, Number 149

This volume takes an in-depth look at leader development readiness and practice, especially in early life stages where it is especially formative and has the potential magnitude of long-term impact. By understanding developmental readiness – what it is, how to assess it, and how to develop it – we can maximize program impact and it will help both individual leader self-development efforts as well as organized, formal programs in attaining the ultimate goal of increasing and accelerating leader development. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

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Raman K. Attri Accelerate Your Leadership Development in Training Domain. Proven Success Strategies for New . Learning Managers

This book is a comprehensive source of guidance for individual contributors who have just transitioned (or about to transition) to new roles in training domain such as training managers, learning managers or instructional design manager or any such roles to accelerate their leadership in training domain. The book describes S2Pro Model of Strategic Competencies for Training and Learning Management Function, developed out of years of practice and research, which proposes a framework for accelerating leadership and management development path of new training or learning managers. The book delivers 35 powerful, proven strategies across 8 core strategic competencies namely thought process, decision-making, operations management, project leadership, strategic leadership, global team leadership, and professional development. The book provides authentic understanding, knowledge, insight, and guidance required to be successful in the training domain. This book is the first-of-its-kind focused exclusively on the aspect of accelerating leadership and management development path for new training and learning managers.

739 РУБ



Marshall Goldsmith Linkage Incs Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook

Leadership development is a planned effort that enhances the learners capacity to lead people. Building on the success of the first edition, Linkage conducted a study of over 300 top organizations and their needs in organizational change and leadership development that identifies approaches to leadership development that have proven to be successful. The work offers practical «how-to» instructions developing leaders and engaging in leadership development. It provides current in-depth models, assessments, tools, and other instruments that can be used for immediate application within a variety of organizations.

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Donald Stenta A. Student Leadership Development Through Recreation and Athletics. New Directions for Leadership, Number 147

Developing college students’ leadership capacity has become an essential outcome in higher education over the past decade. Collegiate recreation and intercollegiate athletics are two unique environments that often integrate leadership development initiatives. This volume explores the developing leadership capacity of students in recreation and athletic settings and includes: a variety of conceptual frameworks, including the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, practical approaches for creating leadership education initiatives, discussions of the difficulties students face transitioning from high school to college, and literature and resources for assessing leadership development occurring in recreation and athletics. This volume provides a great resource for practitioners and educators to positively influence the leadership development of students throughout their time at the university. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

2246.13 РУБ



Ellen Velsor Van The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Development

In one comprehensive volume, The Center for Creative Leadership provides the accumulated expertise of its faculty cultivated over the past thirty years. This revised edition includes new chapters on leadership in teams, global leadership, and leading through transitions, as well as a new ancillary website that contains chapters that were removed from 2nd and 3rd edition as well as practical tools and resources. Written for HR consultants and leadership development professionals within and all types of organizations.

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Vince Molinaro The Leadership Gap. Building Capacity for Competitive Advantage

Studies consistently show that quality leadership development programs pay off for companies – in the form of shareholder returns, market share growth, and sales. However, many companies have inadequate leadership development programs. This book challenges traditional views of leadership development with a perspective that focuses on recognizing leadership as a source of competitive advantage. If youre a manager or an HR leader, The Leadership Gap offers the practical, effective strategies you need to close the leadership gap in your organizations, unleashing leadership potential for better business results and a sustainable competitive advantage.

3975.78 РУБ



Josie Ahlquist Going Digital in Student Leadership. New Directions for Leadership, Number 153

Educators, do you want to be better prepared for the unique opportunities and challenges inherent in this digital age? This volume covers topics such as: How technology has impacted leadership development, both in traditional leadership development models and by advancements in digital tools, platforms, and devices The intersections of student leadership development, leadership identity, and social media A model for exploring and teaching digital citizenship across P-20 curriculums Preparing practitioners to support and educate students in the complex spaces of activism in the digital age The influence of technology and digital tools in defining and developing relevant skills in student leaders An expanded mindset for career and professional development in the digital workplace. This volume include timely discussions on technology trends and tools and how leadership educators need to integrate digital tools into their practice, pedagogy, and curriculum. It explores the complex intersections of leadership in the digital age, both for students learning to lead and the educators guiding their learning and development. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

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James M. Kouzes The Leadership Challenge Workbook Revised

Essential, practical tools for implementing evidence-based leadership development The Leadership Challenge Workbook offers practical tools for applying The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in real-life business situations. As the companion to The Leadership Challenge, this workbook provides essential hands-on guidance for planning, implementation, people-management, and more. This new revised third edition has been updated to match The Leadership Challenge Sixth Edition text. It includes easy-to-use worksheets to simplify planning and collectively assemble into a clear blueprint for moving forward. By focusing on the notion of leadership development as a journey rather than an event, this interactive guide provides critical insight through a proven, systematic process. Implementing big ideas requires skillful change leadership—and any successful, sustainable change begins with thorough, practical planning. This workbook helps you map out a plan and put it into action, with tools that help clarify your thinking and translate your big ideas into concrete strategies. Streamline planning with practical, efficient worksheets Assemble a blueprint for effectively implementing your ideas Improve communication, strengthen commitment, and build trust Adopt a systematic approach to leadership to continue producing exemplary results The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership is a proven model backed by decades of research and data from over 4 million individuals. It is proven, practical, and evidence-based, and has helped leaders from around the globe improve their organizations performance. With the need for quality leadership development at an all-time high, real-world application of proven models becomes critical; The Leadership Challenge Workbook gives you the hands-on tools you need to more effectively implement a robust, systematic approach.

1936.7 РУБ



Laura Osteen Developing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning. New Directions for Student Leadership, Number 152

The notion of culturally relevant leadership learning builds upon the ideas of developing leader identity and leadership capacity of diverse students. Focusing on four areas of leadership learning: education, training, development, and engagement, this volume presents a model of culturally relevant leadership learning in order to develop all student leaders. It proposes infusing the leadership development process with an understanding of how systemic oppression influences educational contexts and with an engagement in and across cultural differences. Our contexts and differences influence knowledge of self, others, cultural contexts and systems, and ultimately students’ knowledge and enactment of leadership.To this end, culturally relevant leadership development programs equip all students with the knowledge and skills to navigate diverse settings and lead culturally diverse groups and teams. Transforming the framework for how leadership programs are designed will result in contextually relevant leadership development programs and an increase in the breadth and depth of a diverse leadership cadre for our society. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

2246.13 РУБ



Corey Seemiller A Competency-Based Approach for Student Leadership Development. New Directions Leadership, Number 156

Looking to foster student leadership competency development? With this volume, youll gain the latest research, resources, and tools to do just that. There are many factors to consider when providing educational experiences that foster student leadership competency development. But, the process of designing, facilitating, and assessing these experiences to be both effective and meaningful can be elusive and challenging. In this volume, a variety of scholars offer diverse perspectives and nuanced expertise that address the following questions: What leadership competencies are the most critical for students to develop? How can we ensure students are ready to develop leadership competencies? What instructional strategies and program design elements can we use to effectively enhance leadership competency development? How do we help students and educators track and measure leadership competency learning and growth? The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

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Craig Slack The Handbook for Student Leadership Development

Praise for the Second Edition of The Handbook for Student Leadership Development «This is a must-have book for leadership educators and all student affairs professionals who want to develop impactful leadership programs and the leadership capacity of students. Buy it. Read it. Use it to develop the needed leadership for our collective future.» – CYNTHIA CHERREY, vice president for campus life, Princeton University, and president, the International Leadership Association «As we continue to encourage leadership behavior in young people, it is very easy to get lost in a forest of new theories, programs, and definitions. This handbook serves as the compass to guide us, and it grounds the field of student leadership development in principles and best practices. Our challenge is to put this work into action.» —PAUL PYRZ, president, LeaderShape « Comprehensive in design and scope, the second edition of The Handbook is a theory and practice resource manual for every leadership educator—inside and outside of the classroom.» —LAURA OSTEEN, director, the Center for Leadership and Civic Education, Florida State University « Every college administrator responsible for coordinating student leadership programming should have this book. The Handbook for Student Leadership Development takes the guesswork out of leadership program design, content, and delivery.» —AINSLEY CARRY, vice president for student affairs, Auburn University « I recommend without hesitation the Handbook for Student Leadership Development to student affairs professionals who desire to enhance the leadership experiences for all their students as well as teachers who are seeking ways to bolster their students classroom experiences.» – Dr. WILLIAM SMEDICK, director, Leadership Programs and Assessment, Office of the Dean of Student Life, and lecturer, Center for Leadership Education, Johns Hopkins University

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Вешалка самоклеящаяся Tatkraft "Berra", для полотенец, диаметр 4 ...

OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. Вешалка самоклеящаяся Tatkraft "Berra", для полотенец, диаметр 4 см - характеристики, фото ...Не найдено: beraАксессуары для ванной и туалета Tatkraft. Сравните цены и купите ...https://atoro.ru/tovary/aksessuary-dlya-vannoy-i-tualeta-tatkraft/joshkar-ola/Сохраненная копияАксессуары для ванной и туалета Tatkraft - подберите по цене, брендам и характеристикам в ... полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся.


полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся. 105.00 РУБ. В корзину Подробнее. полка д/ванной прямая 1-ярусная TATKRAFT Ring Lock хром. 1335.00 РУБ. В корзину Подробнее. ... полка д/ванной угловая 2-х ярусная TATKRAFT Ring Lock хром. 1785.00 РУБ. В корзину Подробнее. планка с 4-мя крючками TATKRAFT Ring Lock 51,5 см хром. 1305.00 РУБ. В корзину Подробнее. крючок одинарный TATKRAFT Ring Lock 2 шт. хром. 615.00 РУБ. В корзину Подробнее.

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Полотенцедержатель кольцо LINISI SFERA 810080В-А Хром. 1058 руб. В корзину. ... Вряд ли кто-то сомневается в том, что полотенцедержатель является необходимым предметом для ванной комнаты. Ведь полотенце всегда должно быть под рукой возле ванны, душа, умывальника. Если вешать его на простой крючок, оно долго не высыхает, приобретая неприятный запах сырости.

Держатели для полотенец для ванной, купить...

Полотенцедержатель в ванную комнату. Практичный держатель для полотенец – это неотъемлемый атрибут ванной. С их помощью можно подчеркнуть особенности интерьера ванной комнаты и туалета, а также с максимальным уровнем комфорта разместить текстильные предметы обихода. В нашем интернет-магазине «Всё для комфорта» вы гарантированно подберете стильный полотенцедержатель в ванную нужного типоразмера и комплектации. Виды держателей для полотенец.

Прайс-лист - Магазин сантехники в Котласе

Вешалка для полотенец BERA хром (11809) TATKRAFT, 07526, 131, руб. винт д/крепления ...... Полотенцедержатель рога х 2 D253100, 08244, 490, руб.

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Полотенцедержатель-кольцо Lazio. В избранноеИз ... Полотенцедержатель-кольцо настенный Antico ... Вешалка для полотенец самоклеящаяся Bera.

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Полотенцедержатель на вакуумных присосках Feca имеет элегантный дизайн и отлично впишется в интерьер вашей ванной, душа или кухни. Благодаря вакуумным присоскам аксессуар легко крепится на ровную непористую поверхность и при необходимости может быть легко переустановлен в другое место, без использования инструментов.

Полотенцедержатель купить {IN_CITY} по недорогой...

Держатели для полотенец имеют огромный ассортимент конструкций, потому чтобы правильно подобрать и установить полотенцедержатель следует учесть целый ряд нюансов. Эти элементы является не только украшением ванных комнат, но и одной из важных составляющих комфортного размещения важных для таких помещений вещей, например, полотенец и халатов.

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Полотенцедержатель для ванной - это обязательный аксессуар, позволяющий держать полотенца в самом прямом смысле этого слова прямо под рукой. Держатели для полотенец могут быть поворотные, двойные, врезные, либо в виде подобия вертикально закрепленных торшеров. Поворотный полотенцедержатель очень практичен и удобен в обращении.

Jocelyn berard accelerating leadership development practical solutions for. Купить полотенцедержатель для ванной комнаты, цены...

Большой выбор настенных полотенцедержателей для ванной комнаты по лучшим ценам. Купить полотенцедержатель в ванную в интернет-магазине SantehMoll. Доставка по Москве и всей России.

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склад П 20шт. 400.00 руб. Двойной полотенцедержатель LANG Rotpunkt (Германия). (арт.: oL-2809). Материал: латунь. ... Этот товар находят по запросам: Rotpunkt, Aurora, классические аксессуары, аксессуары в бронзе, аксессуары для ванных комнат, аксессуары в классическом стиле, аксессуары классика, бронзовые аксессуары, полотенцедержатель в бронзе, бронза в ванной комнате, бронзовое покрытие. Комплектация. кольцо для полотенца.

Для домашнего уюта : Полотенцедержатель для кухни

Держатель-присоска для мыла Компактный мусорный контейнер на дверь шкафа. Вернуться к: Для домашнего уюта. Полотенцедержатель для кухни. 615379. Цена: 97 76.39руб.

Полотенцедержатели и крючки для ванной комнаты

Antonio Lupi BITBARRA Полотенцедержатель (сатин.нерж.сталь). Артикул: BITBARRA. Производитель ... Colombo Design LOOK B1687 Полотенцедержатель - полка 500 * 265 мм (хром). Артикул: B1687. Производитель

полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся - купить в ...

Купить полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся в Максидоме. Фотографии и цены. Доставка! Смотрите также другие товары в разделе ...

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Товары от бренда Tatkraft - лучшие предложения в официальных интернет-магазинах Москвы, ... полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся.

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Явитрина - крупнейший каталог товаров: аксессуары для ванной Tatkraft ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ - сравнение ... полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся.

Полотенцедержатель для полотенцесушителей LULLY

Полотенцедержатель для вертикальных дизайн радиаторов и полотенцесушителей LULLY. Полотенцедержатель придает неповторимый стиль и удобство пользования с дизайн радиаторами и полотенцесушителями LULLY. Вешалка несъемная и надежно закреплена на полотенцесушителе. В корпусе дизайн радиаторов предусмотрена установка от 1-го до 3-х полотенцедержателей, но при необходимости их количество может быть увеличено.

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Полотенцедержатель для отдельных бумажных полотенец "MERIDA STELLA CLASSIC" MINI (матовый). Артикул: AEM201.L. Вместимость до 250 листовых полотенец (на 1 пачку).

Jocelyn berard accelerating leadership development practical solutions for. Полотенцедержатель Tatkraft Bera - интернет-магазин сантехники ...

Купить по лучшей цене Полотенцедержатель Tatkraft Bera в интернет-магазине сантехники ☎ +7 (3462) 96-22-86.

Держатели полотенец

подробнее. Полотенцедержатель Bennberg BA-16S Хром. Размеры (мм): Ширина Глубина Высота Полотенцедержате.. 1530 руб. подробнее. Полотенцедержатель BEMETA OMEGA 104104012 300 мм. Размеры (ШхВхГ): Ширина Высота Глубина Полотенцедерж.. 1646 руб. подробнее. Полотенцедержатель Bennberg BA-16 Бронза. Размеры (мм): Ширина Глубина Высота Полотенцедержате.. 1720 руб. подробнее. Полотенцедержатель Artwelle Harmonie HAR 022.

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Купить по лучшей цене Полотенцедержатель Tatkraft Bera в интернет-магазине сантехники ☎ +7 (3462) 96-22-86.


полотенцедержатель хром золото бронз, никель классика минимализм. ... 38144 GOCCIA accessories Потолочный полотенцедержатель, 45 см, высота 160 см. Ceiling towel rail, 45 cm centre distance, height 160 cm.

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Вешалка настенная для полотенец TATKRAFT 10265 с 5-ю крючками (Швейцария). Каталог товаров. Недорогая сантехника. Сантехника инженерная. Сантехника бытовая. Отопительное оборудование. Инструменты.

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Полотенцедержатель Raiber R70110 "Кольцо". Артикул: 15634. Цвет: 415 руб. В корзину. Полотенцедержатель Raiber R70111 полукруглый. Код товара: 15635. Коллекция Raiber R70100 (24).

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Туника женская 2889 полуприлегающего силуэта, без карманов, рукав втачной, на полочке принт-город. ... Туника женская Вера Туника женская Руфина ...

Крючки, вешалки, держатели в Хабаровске сантехника и ... - Фарпост

Полотенце держатель поворотный двойной S-C08902 Savol ... размещаются ... Вешалка д/полотенец TATKRAFT BERA самоклеющ,хром. пластик. 120₽.

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Навесные аксессуары Аксессуары для ванной Ванная - Каталог ...

Полотенцедержатель-кольцо Decor. 899 руб ... Tatkraft Вешалка для полотенец самоклеящаяся Bera ... Tatkraft Набор крючков самоклеящихся Atlant.

Полотенцедержатель Fbs Vizovice Поворотный Тройной 35 См ...

Полотенцедержатель Fbs Vizovice Поворотный Тройной 35 См, сравните цены и купите дешевле, всего ... TATKRAFT полотенцедержатель Bera само.

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Интересуют Полотенцедержатели? Добро пожаловать в интернет-магазин сантехники san-technika! В нашем интернет-магазине Вы сможете выбрать и купить Полотенцедержатели по низким ценам! Звоните - +7 495-120-19-81...

Полотенцедержатели | Держатель полотенец | Сантехника...

Купить полотенцедержатель в Москве от официального представителя. ... Полотенцедержатель "кольцо" WasserKRAFT Rhein K-6260. 850 руб. В корзину. БЫСТРЫЙ ПРОСМОТР. Полотенцедержатель "кольцо" WasserKRAFT Rhein K-6260. 850 руб. В корзину. {"image":"https://static-eu.insales.ru/images/products/1/6059/79181739/large_6260w.jpg","title":"Полотенцедержатель \"кольцо\" WasserKRAFT Rhein K-6260"}.

Полотенцедержатели для ванной комнаты купить...

Код товара: 28556. Полотенцедержатель WasserKRAFT Leine K-5040WHITE. Код товара: 28554. Полка для полотенец WasserKRAFT Leine K-5011WHITE. Код товара: 28553. Полотенцедержатель Art&Max Barocco AM-1779-Cr 70 см серебро. Код товара: 013304. Полка для полотенец Raiber R10087. Код товара: 20981. Полотенцедержатель Artceram Jazz JZA012 01bi 60 см. Код товара: 27852. Полотенцедержатель Oute TG1100 TG1113-2. Код товара: 26681.

Вешалки для полотенец | Страница 2

Tatkraft BERA Самоклеющийся круг вешалка для полотенец ... Полотенцедержатель настенный в форме прямой планки AXENTIA Lyon Premium.

Карта сайта

Полотенцедержатель 3 крючка F1916-3 Frap · Полка 2-ярус угловая овал .... Вешалка для полотенец BERA хром (11809) TATKRAFT · Полка угловая ...

Аксессуары для ванной комнаты купить в Москве, низкие цены в ...

сравнить в сравнении. Полотенцедержатель Tatkraft Bera ... Код товара066257; Типполотенцедержатель; ПроизводительTatkraft. 126 руб. В КОРЗИНУ ...

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TATKRAFT BERA 11809 Самоклеющ. вешалка для полотенец нерж/сталь круг .... полотенцедержатели, дозаторы для жидкого мыла, мыльницы, ершики, ...

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полотенцедержатель TATKRAFT Bera самоклеющийся. 105 у. 0. Подробнее ... крючок TATKRAFT Wild Power на вакуумной присоске одинарный. 169 у. 0.

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Нет отзывов об этом товаре. Характеристика Полотенцедержатель Tatkraft Swiss Line 10239-TK. Основные характеристики Высота (см): 18 Количество держателей (шт): 1 Материал: Металл Тип: Кольцо Товар сертифицирован: Да Цвет: Хром Ширина (см): 18. Нет отзывов об этом товаре. Написать отзыв. Ваше имя: Ваш отзыв: Примечание: HTML разметка не поддерживается!

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Полотенцедержатель Catalano Sfera 44 см (5P60C300). Бренд: Catalano. Цвет: Хром. Материал: Латунь. ... Быстрый просмотр. Полотенцедержатель Dornbracht LULU 30 см (83 030 710-00). Бренд: Dornbracht. Цвет: Хром. Материал: Латунь.

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Туника женская "Вера". Артикул: НИ. Размерный ряд: 46-60. Смотреть таблицу размеров. Состав: ткань кулирка. Рост: 158-175. Расцветки в ...

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Крючки для дверей и выдвижных шкафов, 6 шт, Tatkraft SEGER (19638) ... Самоклеющаяся круглая вешалка для полотенец, хромированный пластик, Tatkraft BERA (11809) ..... Полотенцедержатель РМС A1025 поворотный тройной.

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Держатели и полотенцедержатели Интерьер ванной комнаты в современном понимании — это функциональное и удобное пространство, обладающее достаточно ограниченными размерами, в котором требуется разместить множество различных предмет...

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Полотенцедержатель Decor. 1490 руб. ПОДРОБНЕЕ · Полотенцедержатель-кольцо Decor ... Tatkraft Вешалка для полотенец самоклеящаяся Bera.

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Полотенцедержатель Fora Style Fora, с 5 крючками, ST005. Новый отзыв. (0). Арт. 71201140. Основные характеристики. Тип: Держатель для полотенец. Материал: Силумин. 480 р. 689 р. -209. Полотенцедержатель для раковины Jacob Delafon Formilia Rythmik, 60 см (E4121-CP). Новый отзыв. (0). Арт. 71239419. Основные характеристики. Тип: Держатель для полотенец.

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Tatkraft Bera Push & Grip Round Tea Towel Holder Chrome Plated. +. Tatkraft Ida Strong Self Adhesive Towel Holder Stainless Steel. +. Tatkraft Bell Strong Self ...

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Крючки для дверей и выдвижных шкафов, 6 шт, Tatkraft SEGER (19638) ... Самоклеющаяся круглая вешалка для полотенец, хромированный пластик, Tatkraft BERA (11809) ..... Полотенцедержатель РМС A1025 поворотный тройной.

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Полотенцедержатель двойной (усы) не боится влаги, поскольку он покрыт хромом. Все эти положительные характеристики имеют и полотенцедержатели для ванной комнты тройные и четверные (усы). В отличие от двойного полотенцедержателя, на этом можно разместить для просушки значительно больше вещей.

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Кофточки Свитшоты Туники БАТАЛ. ... Кофта женская Размер: 48-54 Ткань: трикотаж ангора-софт с напылением, .... Женская кофта гольф № 1727 (бер).

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Wendy Wagner Leadership Development through Service-Learning. New Directions for Student Leadership, Number 150

Explore service learning scholarship, and important elements of program design that achieves both leadership learning and community impact. This volume provides an overview of the most up-to-date thinking on leadership development through service-learning, including: the leadership competencies linked to service-learning experiences, the processes of ethical engagement in community partnerships, approaches for fostering more critical student reflection, and applied examples, including an in-depth case study of a leadership course series, a wealth of service programs led by students, a mentoring model linking college student service with youth leadership development, and a youth leadership program with a national scope. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

2246.13 РУБ



Clark Quinn N. Revolutionize Learning & Development. Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age

Transform learning and development practices to make your programs relevant and meaningful Existing training and development practices need a major overhaul. Learning and development practitioners and managers must increasingly face the fact that old methods are no longer relevant in todays tech-savvy world and, in many cases, they simply dont work. In Revolutionize Learning and Development, youll get a straightforward look at how people really learn and get introduced to practical steps for rethinking, redesigning, and reestablishing learning delivery. This book shows you how to take advantage of new understandings and new technologies so you can make a meaningful impact on your organization. In four sections, the book lays out crucial background knowledge, conceptual frameworks, and practical steps for transforming learning and development so that it has the greatest return for businesses. Managers, practitioners, and executives will benefit from the illustrations, vignettes, and sidebars that highlight the authors advice and expertise. Learn to avoid the pitfalls of outdated and irrelevant learning solutions, including those that ignore the importance of clear objectives, proper execution, and thorough evaluation Discover the practical steps for implementing the best and most effective strategies for making the most of training programs Benefit from a thorough examination of what happens when managers and practitioners make major changes in strategy, leadership, and technology Get familiar with the roles of research-based frameworks, performance support, and informal learning Dont let learning and development myths derail you. Find out how to breathe new life into your programs with practical guidance designed to inspire todays best learning technology solutions.

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Kwok Chow Therapeutic Delivery Solutions

Provides a comprehensive review of all types of medical therapeutic delivery solutions from traditional pharmaceutical therapy development to innovative medical device therapy treatment to the recent advances in cellular and stem cell therapy development • Provides information to potentially allow future development of treatments with greater therapeutic potential and creativity • Includes associated regulatory requirements for the development of these therapies • Provides a comprehensive developmental overview on therapeutic delivery solutions • Provides overview information for both the general reader as well as more detailed references for professionals and specialists in the field

9993.65 РУБ



Paige Haber-Curran Critical Perspectives on Gender and Student Leadership. New Directions for Leadership, Number 154

How do students’ social identities, particularly their gender, influence their leadership practices and development? Using Kimberlé Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality as a framework, this volume discusses existing and emergent research on gender and leadership and offers key strategies and on how leadership educators can engage students in these topics and provide contemporary critical thinking on how gender and leadership inform one another. This volume examines: the ways intersectionality can be used as a lens for gender and leadership, key considerations for developing and advancing leadership among women, men, and trans* students, programs and experiences grounded in critical self-reflection and leadership learning among students of all genders, and opportunities for leadership educators to navigate topics of gender and leadership, emphasizing their own self-work and avenues for affecting positive change. Contributing scholars share examples that are developmentally appropriate for high school and college students. This work is designed with leadership educators in mind, emphasizing theory into practice and highlighting the ways that leadership and gender can promote holistic, transformative learning for all students. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

2246.13 РУБ



Michael F. DiPaola, Wayne K. Hoy Principals Improving Instruction Supervision, Evaluation, and Professional Development

This text integrates the core instructional leadership tasks of all principals: supervision, evaluation, and professional development. It is a practical, hands-on approach based on sound theory and research.The text provides both a conceptual frame and practical exercises that contemporary principals can use in their supervision, evaluation, and professional development activities. The models for these tasks are research-based and reflect the current realities that confront principals and others committed to improving instruction.

4127 РУБ



Chepkurui Musa Role of Human Resource Development for Youth Leadership in Kenyan SMEs

This book addresses the role of human resource development in shaping youth leadership in SMEs. The author has attempted to establish a nexus between human resource development and the leadership success of SMEs. Its major significance is improving leadership in the SMEs sector by enabling young and emerging leaders adopt HRD approaches in responding to business competition and steering their business to success.

4802 РУБ



Cheryl De Ciantis Using an Art Technique to Facilitate Leadership Development

As a part of the effort to find new ways to promote the development of leadership, trainers have begun to make use of artistic activities. One such activity is the touchstone exercise, in which people create sculptures that represent their vision and purpose as leaders. This report describes how the exercise is conducted, provides examples of sculptures (or touchstones) produced in programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, and considers the effectiveness of the activity as a means of facilitating leadership development.

1177 РУБ



Shalom Saar Saada Leading with Conviction. Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership

Practical advice and tools to help leaders at all levels elevate their skills What can truly set an organization apart? There is only one asset that offers guaranteed differentiation: leadership. Leadership is a deliberate act that requires effort but yields enormous payback. According to the renowned professor Shalom Saar and co-author Michael J. Hargrove, both internationally recognized leadership development consultants, executive coaches and speakers, leadership can be learned and improved through the nine critical competencies explored in this book. Filled with sage advice and engaging examples, as well as multiple mini-assessments, this book presents a programmatic approach to engage and grow leaders at every level and in any type of organization. Outlines the nine core competencies that define exceptional leadership Uses a proven approach to enhance leadership skills that can be applied to any organizational setting Offers a wide array of practical tools for aspiring and experienced leaders Written by Shalom Saar and Michael Hargrove, the cofounders of the Center for Leadership Development, (Saar is also a leading professor at MIT and previously Harvard, as well as other top schools globally) Leading with Conviction offers a wealth of advice to help leaders establish a compelling vision, motivate their workforce, manage change and conflict, and create benchmarks that lead to sustainable success.

1852.05 РУБ



Amal Henein Made in Canada Leadership. Wisdom from the Nations Best and Brightest on Art Practice of Leadership

Praise for Made in Canada Leadership «As an energy delivery company that takes great pride in our commitment to sustainable development, Enbridge recognizes that the leading, sustainable corporations of tomorrow must create an internal culture where leadership is fostered and nurtured at all levels. Made in Canada Leadership provides the roadmap for corporations seeking to secure their long-term future as industry leaders through the development and empowerment of any great companys strength—its people.» —Patrick D. Daniel, President & CEO, Enbridge Inc. «Made in Canada Leadership makes a compelling case for a strategic and concerted approach to individual and collective leadership development to build our country’s leadership. If we want the right supply of leaders, we need to develop leadership in all sectors and at all levels. It is a long-term commitment and a collaborative endeavour. I am personally committed to rise to the challenge and engage in the leadership development movement and I hope others will join us in this quest for leadership.» —Denise Amyot, Vice-President, Leadership Network, Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada «Developing elite athletes who can win at the international level demands more than time, effort, resources, money and raw talent. It requires support systems that are effective and strategic and the mentoring of coaches who understand how to maximize not only the athletes’ physical potential but also their mental preparation. A similar case can be made for leader development. Made in Canada Leadership looks at what is needed to transform our leadership development efforts from amateur to major league. A must read!» —Chris Rudge, CEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee «In our global world, human assets increasingly constitute the competitive advantage; and to succeed, quality leadership is required. However, leadership development is not a casual undertaking, but a long term investment and a shared responsibility. Nurturing future leaders offers significant ROI for all concerned: high returns for the organization and fulfilled leaders. Made in Canada Leadership provides an essential guide to the secrets of growing leaders from a strategic and Canadian perspective.» —Paul Juniper, Director, Industrial Relations Centre, Queen’s University

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Karen Lawson The Trainers Handbook of Leadership Development. Tools, Techniques, and Activities

The Trainers Handbook of Leadership Development offers facilitators, human resource professionals, and consultants a wide-variety of tools and techniques for developing leadership competencies and characteristics. Drawing on research from such giants in the leadership field as Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard, James Kouzes, and Barry Posner, the books thought-provoking activities are designed to create real and lasting behavior change. «The Trainers Handbook of Leadership Development features the proven activities and tools that will involve and inspire participants to develop the skills and characteristics that will equip them to lead us into the future. Karen has brought together a powerful collection of tools, competency models, exercises, and training necessary for developing leaders in todays workplace. I recommend this book for anyone who is implementing a leadership development program within their organization. It could easily be used to build the entire program from scratch.»—Louis Carter, CEO, Best Practice Institute «What a gem of a book Karen Lawson has written! Drawing on research by leadership gurus, Karen presents 45 competencies and characteristics critical to leadership excellence. She mines each of these facets for a solid definition and the significance of each. Although many authors shy away from discussing leadership qualities such as authenticity and empathy, Karen deals with them directly. She presents activities that future leaders can use to explore personal leadership qualities. This book is 24kt gold. If you are a leadership development professional, this book is sure to become your gold standard when searching for creative yet practical ways to help develop others into outstanding leaders of the future.»—Elaine Biech, editor, The ASTD Leadership Handbook and author, The Business of Consulting «Developing the complex skills of leadership is critical for personal and organizational success. If you are responsible for helping others build these skills, this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf—or maybe your desk—because you will use it often!»—Kevin Eikenberry, author, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time

5804.64 РУБ



Charles J. Palus, Wilfred H. Drath Evolving Leaders. A Model for Promoting Leadership Development in Programs

Although leadership development is widely acknowledged as important, our understanding of it is largely implicit. This has made programs that seek to promote it difficult to design and implement, and challenging to evaluate effectively. The model presented in this report specifies how programs can affect a key aspect of leadership development--the psychological development of the individual.

914 РУБ



Julie Owen E. Innovative Learning for Leadership Development. New Directions Student Leadership, Number 145

Critically examine the intersections of learning and leadership. Using L. Dee Finks taxonomy of signicant learning as a scaffold, experts in leadership education explain connections between emerging scholarship of teaching and learning and current trends in leadership, how to develop a more complex understanding of the levers of leadership learning, the environments that promote meaningful and measurable leadership learning, and the evidence behind such a practice. This volume examines: the role of leadership educator, the roles of authenticity (being true to one’s self) and criticality in education (interrogating beliefs and questioning power dynamics), select learning theories and their implications for leadership learning, and strategies for constructing leadership-related learning outcomes and assessing leadership learning. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

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Manuel Rodriguez, Paul Gavoni Quick Wins

With a combined 30+ years of experience in behavior, leadership, and organizational improvement, authors Paul Gavoni and Manuel Rodriguez have created an efficient yet comprehensive guide for launching and accelerating school transformation. The first book of its kind in education, Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership is not a flavor of the month program. It is an approach rooted in science. Specifically, the science of human behavior in the workplace, also known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). By reading Quick Wins!, school leaders or any stakeholder will learn techniques for immediately engaging people in major turnarounds. These simple proven strategies will rapidly strengthen trust in leadership, drastically improve morale, and advance student achievement.

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