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Thi Luc Hoa Pham Networked World and National ICT Development Strategies for Selected East Asian Countries

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1.3, University of Wuppertal, language: English, abstract: The purpose of this paper is three-fold:- To identify the characteristics and political options of a country, that would affect the success of its ICT adoption.- To identify clusters of nations upon the international ICT indices and GNI per capita- To provide an overall guideline that incorporates these nations toward developing higher ICT indices.[...] This paper shows income level and social background can play very important roles incountry´s ICT development. Within Asian region, South Korea represents the developedgroup, China and Vietnam characterize the developing group. China and Vietnam havesimilar political structure but the first is much bigger than the latter. Therefore, ICTimplementation is different between these 2 countries. This paper is organized as follow, first,short overviews of ICT development as well as the advantages of ICT. Second, 3 countries(South Korea, China and Vietnam) are described in details in both national characteristics andICT performance. In this section, the ICT industry and development of each country areanalyzed in terms of what they have done to adopt ICT as well as how much progress hasbeen made. In section 4, the information about popular ICT ranking indices are given. The10three chosen indices are Networked Readiness Index, Digital Economy Ranking and ICTDevelopment Index. The e...

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Thi Luc Hoa Pham ICT Development Strategies

After a decade, internet now reaches the Asian region as well as African countries intensively while USA, Canada and Europe are focusing newer inventions. Within the Asian region it exists considerably another technological gap among countries. The countries with higher income such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea has succeeded in implementing ICT in all social and economic areas. The rest of the countries, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, are far behind in information technology. Nevertheless, it´s necessary for all nations, weather developed or developing, to keep on nurturing ICT development to be a part of connected world. The question is how a nation can successfully adopt ICT and benefit from all advantages at best. Unfortunately, there is no common guideline for all countries. Without identifying specific factors of each country and a lot of effort made by government, no country can achieve high ICT performance in the long run. The purpose of this paper is three-fold:To identify the characteristics and political options of a country, that would affect the success of ist ICT adoption. To identify clusters of nations upon the international ICT indices and GNI per capita To provide an overall guideline that incorporates these nations toward developing higher ICT indices.This paper shows income level and social background can play very important roles in country´s ICT development.

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Kaji Vasimmahmad ICTs in ELT. Innovations Education

The present curricula for ICT in Education aims at realising the goals of the National Policy of ICT in Schools Education and the National Curriculum Framework. Given the dynamic nature of ICT, the curricula, emphasising the core educational purposes, is generic in design and focuses on a broad exposure to technologies, together aimed at enhancing creativity and imagination of the learners. For the teacher, it is an initiation into: Exploring educational possibilities of technology, Learning to make right choices of hardware, software and ICT interactions, and Growing to become a critical user of ICT. For the student, it is an initiation into: Creativity and problem solving, An introduction to the world of information and technologies, and An opportunity to shape career pursuits. Teachers who are already proficient in ICT can fast track through the course.

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Sipilä Antti J. Sustainable ICT

Sustainable development as a concept was first introduced by United Nations in 1974. It rose to broader public knowledge in 1987 with the publication of "Our Common Future", or so called Bruntland report by UN commission on sustainable development. Sustainability has since been a stable basis in many of the development plans made around the world. Sustainable ICT is a relatively new field, where work started around the turn of the millennium. This book, Sustainable ICT - A Contemporary Overview, aims to chart the history of sustainable development and describe the current situation of sustainability in the ICT field. Themes included in the book are academic work, administration, applications, frameworks, hardware, institutional and national strategies, practical measures, recycling and worldwide initiatives. For broader context, information and knowledge society is discussed as well. The book will work as a good introductory source on the field and its related issues on the first decade of 2000's. It explains the current state of sustainability research and suggests topics for future research.

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Theodore Lee Professional Development of ICT Integration for Teachers

In past decade, the use of ICT in schools increased exponentially. However, ICT integration in teaching is still utilized at a low level. While many ICT professional development programs for teachers focus mainly on developing teachers' technical competency, the effect of their attitude, perception and emotion towards ICT integration is usually neglected. In this book, a social approach to professional development of ICT integration is argued to be important to improve ICT integration. A research was conducted to look at issues of ICT integration from the teachers' perspective and to explore the impact of peer support in enhancing ICT professional development. Based on the research findings, this book draws the focus on developing teachers' intrinsic motivation towards ICT integration. Peer support is found to be an enabler of intrinsic motivation. A sustainable peer support enhanced professional development model is thus developed. This book should help shed some light on developing ICT professional development programs for teachers and should be especially useful to teachers, professional developers and school leaders who want to lift ICT integration to a higher level.

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Andrew Kagwa Development of ICT sector parameters and Indicators

Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, University of Dar es Salaam (College of Engineering & Technolgy), course: Master of Engineering Management, language: English, abstract: The existence of national ICT policy would indicate demand for indicators; however, no sufficient information on indicators used in the national policy is available yet. This poses the challenge in monitoring and evaluation of ICT Projects and not only that, but it is also difficult to measure the status quo of ICT development and digital divide among societies. This dissertation was both exploratory and descriptive in nature; therefore, it utilized both quantitative and qualitative research approaches. A survey conducted used purposive sampling with informants being stakeholders with basic IT knowledge and IT personnel. Data was collected through a survey of 45 organizations in both techniques of face-to-face and online, with a total of 80 respondents. Data collected examined the level of importance or applicability of 90 ICT indicators in their respective 10 sector parameter.Findings indicated that, 50 indicators (55%) out of 90 are significant and confirmed to be highly correlated with new 6 ICT categories (sector parameters) out 10 (60%) which were proposed in the literature review. Infrastructure Readiness category with 17 indicators, ICT education category with 11 indicators, ICT penetra...

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Ict for Education, Development, and Social Justice (PB)

A volume in Current Perspectives on Applied Information TechnologiesSeries Editors Charalambos Vrasidas and Gene V GlassThis volume provides examples of current developments on the role of ICT for education, development, andsocial justice within an international context. Chapters draw on advanced contemporary thinking from scholarsand practitioners in the field to present case studies of how ICT can be used to promote sustainable developmentand social justice. Social justice is understood in a wide sense as the pursuit of democracy, justice and developmentin the struggle against any form of oppression; it is within this context that ICT is explored as a tool forsocial change.ENDORSEMENT: This book's central and critical premise, namely that we have now to analyze critically howinformation and communication technologies can be better used to promote development and social justice, makes it especially timely now that thecomputer can be said to be part of a global system. - John Willinsky, Stanford UniversityThe objectives of this book are:· To analyze the philosophical, historical, political, and cultural backgrounds and contexts that are constitutive of contemporary challenges and tensionsin the role of ICT for education, development, and social justice around the world;· To appreciate the contextual and international dimensions of the tensions and challenges faced by educators around the world and contribute to ongoingefforts to sketch a vision for addressing their needs;...

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Nagy K. Hanna Mastering Digital Transformation. Towards a Smarter Society, Economy, City and Nation

The information and communication technology revolution offers the promise of transforming economies and societies, and the risks of missing on a powerful techno-economic revolution and wasting scarce resources without much developmental impact. Some countries have mastered the process of digital transformation, and continue to realize substantial economic benefits. Others made substantial investments in the ICT infrastructure, with marginal impact. What makes for these differences among countries? Nagy Hanna presents a systematic approach to integrate ICT into development policies and programs across sectors of economy and society. This book bridges the current disconnect between the ICT specialists and their development counterparts in various sectors so as to harness the ongoing ICT revolution to maximize development impact and minimize downside risks. Posing a holistic and strategic framework that draws on lessons learned across all sectors to guide national leaders and development practitioners interested in moving from vision to action, it is an important work for researchers and students of ICT who aim to pursue innovative, inclusive and sustainable development paradigms.

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Danijel Jozic ERP as an enabler for economic growth in developing countries

Examination Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Computer Science - Commercial Information Technology, grade: 1.7, University of Mannheim (Chair of Business Administration and Information Systems), course: Computer Science - Commercial Information Technology, language: English, abstract: In today's global economy Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are credited with their transformative capacity for national economies. They represent a promising way to lead developing countries on a path of more rapid development. But ICT for Development (ICT4D) is not only an issue of the development society. For many multinational operating software companies developing continents like Africa with a population of almost half a billion represent a huge, still untapped market. The German software company SAP AG for example is engaged in the African Drive Project (ADP). ADP is improving the South African education system by means of ICTs. SAP sees its engagement as an investment in future business areas and emerging markets in the developing world. But the corporate engagement of these big international players does not have to contradict the general aims and goals of the development society. On the contrary, the development assistance sees a crucial role in engaging in public private partnerships (PPP). The OECD notes that PPPs have become a general trend throughout the global economy. Convergence and consolidation of the fast moving ICT market demand that not one organiz...

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Barbara Hatzimichail The role of internet connectivity for the economic development less developed countries

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract:The current wave of globalisation – the trend towards worldwide integration of markets – is spurred by the development of ICTs, including the Internet (Miria Pigato, 2001). But there exists founded concern whether this development reaches Less Developed Countries (LDCs).Technological transformations, such as Information Communication Technology (ICT), open new possibilities in various areas. With a rapid technological development the world faces the challenge to match the pace of technological innovation with national and global policy innovation.This paper will analyse the following hypotheses:1. Internet connectivity has potential to promote economic growth and support sustainable development for LDCs.2. The application of the Internet technology carries risks for LDCs.3. Successful application of Internet technology requires appropriate sustainable policies and strategies.The analysis is based upon literature review of economic and development theories, literature about ICT in development with particular focus on the Internet, country and development related information, and statistical data focussing in particular on South Africa and Uganda.Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents:INTRODUCTION61.OVERVIEW - LITERATURE REVIEW112.THE INTERNET AND E-BUSINESS202.1Internet202.2E-Business212.3Internet Connectivity - Indicators223.ECONOMIC BENEFITS273.1Global proximity, global business networking273.2Communication and information retrieval283.3E-business opport...

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Tom Worthington ICT Sustainability. Assessment and Strategies for a Low Carbon Future

ICT Sustainability is about how to assess, and reduce, the carbon footprint and materials used with computers and telecommunications. These are the notes for an award winning on-line graduate course on strategies for reducing the environmental impact of computers and how to use the Internet to make business more energy efficient. These notes have been used for courses by the Australian Computer Society, Australian National University and Athabasca University (Canada). The book includes an extensive bibliography. Free open access course-ware is available on-line to accompany this text.

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Machunwangliu Kamei Translation of ICT for Education towards a Knowledge Society

The growing importance of knowledge, research, innovation and evolving perspectives on expertise with the usage of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) are changing the sociology of knowledge in the globalized world. Universities are the major institutions involved in the production and dissemination of knowledge. This book looks at ICT for education initiatives taken up towards building a Knowledge Society as emphasized in national education policy regimes for encouraging knowledge generation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge diffusion and the exploitation of knowledge. The research examines the present practice of ICT adoption in an existing framework of University of Hyderabad (UOH) and Tezpur University (TZU) through intensive case study. The research attempts to analyze issues of knowledge, governance and access using ICT; the application of communication technologies in Higher Education Sector that helps in fulfilling the goal of a Knowledge Society; the communication process and strategies in the networking of higher education into a Knowledge Society; existing 'digital divide' and the implications. The Stakeholder's perspective further highlights the advantages and the challenges faced in the actual implementation of ICT4E. Based on the study, the research offers recommendations for management, human resources, processes and institutional culture in ICT4E implementation.

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Ismail Luwangula Equipping Teachers with ICT Skills for Pedagogical Integration in Uganda. An Evaluation of Policy Implementation Jinja Municipality

Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Pedagogy - School System, Educational and School Politics, grade: ABBA, East China Normal University (International Center of Teacher Education), course: International Master of Education in Education Leadership and Policy, language: English, abstract: The promise of ICT in enhancing socio-economic development has prompted several countries including Uganda to integrate it in their education systems. However, integrating ICT in education requires a computing teaching force. Uganda developed a policy to guide ICT integration in Education. This policy emphasises equipping teachers with ICT skills as a cornerstone for implementing ICT in the country's schools.This study therefore sought to assess the strategies being used to equip teachers with ICT skills and to evaluate whether the implementation of the policy so far has had any impact on teachers' ICT skills so that more strategies for the implementation of the policy could be suggested. A mixed methods design was used to gather data. Two data sources were used, (i) government documents and (ii) teachers' responses to a questionnaire. A total of 140 respondents from 20 schools were selected to participate in the study.Data were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages were used to describe the responses from the questionnaires. The Chi-square test of independence was also carried out to compare so...

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Akudo Chinedu Ojoh Democracy and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Research paper from the year 2008 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, grade: none, University of Jaume I, language: English, abstract: In contemporary time, democracy has turned out to be the most supported political tool for development and social change, which has attained near global acclaim and admiration by many world leaders. Although it is contestable, the reasons for this vary. First, democracy has gained acceptability as a form of government based on equity and justice. Secondly, it purports to uphold the rule of law, and as well, guarantee the preservation of human rights.As it is assumed that effective strategies adopted and properly implemented by a nation have the tendency to accelerate progress in the development of the said nation, this work examined some strategies for sustainable development in Nigeria. It highlighted existing strategies for development in the country, examined progress and challenges in implementing the strategies, and further identified measures which when adopted and implemented, will likely change the social, economic, and political condition of the country for economic growth and sustainable development.

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Mathew Santhosh The Information and Communication Technology Social Change

The new technological revolution that emerged during the last quarter of the 20th century radically transformed the lives of the people .The new generic technologies made revolutionary changes in the frontier areas of technology and it also affected the process of production, distribution and consumption in the entire world. Technologies have had significant inputs on people's lives during the twentieth century, but none was seen as profound as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in human society. ICT in India is a comparatively recent term of origin and it had great significance in setting priorities in organizational developments of different sectors. The ICT is considered as a convenient tool to reach out the process of intended national development. The challenge of directing fast pace of socio-economic changes within the framework of available time and resources could be possible only if the required ICT is properly disseminated. Thus ICT is considered as a prime factor for the developing countries.

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Odey Simon Robert The Imperative of Projecting, Promoting and Developing Bekwarra through ICT

Scientific Essay from the year 2017 in the subject Communications - Intercultural Communication, grade: A.1, Ebonyi State University (New Frontier Ind. Research and Publications Int'l, Makurdi, Benue, Nigeria), language: English, abstract: It is worrisome that the Bekwarra are yet to duly key into the potentials and prospects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Most Bekwarra people, like most other peoples of Nigeria and other developing nations, lack and exhibit negative (cold) attitudes toward ICT knowledge and use. Frowning at these ugly trends, this work rises to call on all concerned to turn a new leave- key into and tap from the development and positive potentials/aspects of ICT. It is high time the people, especially the youths, began projecting, promoting and developing Bekwarra culture, economy, politics and other embodiments through ICT, towards digitalising and globalising Bekwarra. The study submits that Bekwarra people, culture, language and panorama can best be projected, promoted and developed through ICT. The task is for those who are computer literate among them to effectively utilise and harness their acquired knowledge in this area, teach others and bring every bit about Bekwarra to limelight through ICT cum social media. This gesture will catapult Bekwarra to the apex of all-round development, situating her rightly in the global village to share equal/some place with other cultures that have attained such height. To effect and realise th...

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Jameel Feroz Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals

A real-world guide to the production and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals While much has been written about the science of biopharmaceuticals, there is a need for practical, up-to-date information on key issues at all stages of developing and manufacturing commercially viable biopharmaceutical drug products. This book helps fill the gap in the field, examining all areas of biopharmaceuticals manufacturing, from development and formulation to production and packaging. Written by a group of experts from industry and academia, the book focuses on real-world methods for maintaining product integrity throughout the commercialization process, clearly explaining the fundamentals and essential pathways for all development stages. Coverage includes: Research and early development phase–appropriate approaches for ensuring product stability Development of commercially viable formulations for liquid and lyophilized dosage forms Optimal storage, packaging, and shipping methods Case studies relating to therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and plasma fractions Useful analysis of successful and failed products Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharma-ceuticals is an essential resource for scientists and engineers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, for government and regulatory agencies, and for anyone with an interest in the latest developments in the field.

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Stefan Detschew Impact of ICT in the developing countries on economic growth

Diploma Thesis from the year 2007 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1,5, Technical University of Ilmenau (Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften), 43 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: This paper discusses the relevance of Information and CommunicationTechnologies (ICT) for economic growth in developing economies. By reviewing thecontributions from the neoclassical and endogenous growth theory and empiricevidences for the link between ICT and economic growth, the paper clearly concludesthat ICTs facilitate economic growth, principally by providing incentives for capitaldeepening and increasing productivity through rapid technological progress.However, the impact on growth is more extensive from the long-term ICT use and networking that though requires appropriate ICT investment and complementary efforts in order that spillovers and productivity improvements are triggered and exploited totally. This paper derives the key determinants and interacting factors that, in the corresponding correct synergic combination, promote ICT's impact on growth-generating processes. For a variety of reasons, the states of these factors in developing countries provide a less ICT favourable environment for taking advantage from ICTs. These economies exhibit a lower stock of human capacities and per capita capital to trigger the productivity benefits from the ICT use.Therefore, the level of effort is higher than in the developed world to receive...

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Thi luc hoa pham networked world and national ict development strategies for. Gean.Luc Брюки И Шорты Шерсть - Gean.Luc Для Мужчин - YOOX

Luc - ДЛЯ МУЖЧИН Коллекции Весна-Лето и Осень-Зима. Покупайте Брюки И Шорты Шерсть Gean.Luc Для Мужчин онлайн на YOOX. Эксклюзивные ...

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2017 Trio Ponty Lagrène Eastwood @ Au Grès du …

30.08.2017 · Trio Ponty Lagrene Eastwood @ Au Gres du Jazz Дата концерта 07.08.2017 - (77 minutes) Состав: Bireli Lagrene Jean-Luc Ponty Kyle Eastwood Бирели Лагрен ...

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Gean.luc Пальто, Одежда Ульяновск. Лучшие предложения на рынке! Актуальные акции и бонусы.

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Пиджак. 258-DC-068. Пиджак. 258-DC-072. Пиджак. 258-DC-075. Пиджак.

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Gean.luc Пальто, Одежда Воронеж. По самым лучшим ценам.

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Костюмы и пиджаки для мужчин - разумные расценки, высокое качество, фирменный стиль, быстрое оформление заказа в круглосуточно в ...

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Мужской темно-зеленый пиджак - модные луки, ссылки на товары от лучших брендов. ... Также в этом ценовом диапазоне обрати внимание на рассмотри пиджак от Boglioli. Это очень популярный товар. К тому же и не дорогой. Или посмотри на пиджак от Canali - будь уверен, что эта вещь будет отличным дополнением к гардеробу. Show more. Если ты охотник за скидками, посмотри на пиджак от Z Zegna. Или ты можешь принять во внимание пиджак от Lost & Found Ria Dunn.

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Купить мужской пиджак в интернет магазине. ... Gean Luc Paris · Gianfranco Ferre · Giorgio Di Mare · Guess by Marciano · Guya G. Hamaki-Ho ... Мужские пиджаки недорого в Москве ... Темно-серый пиджак ... Пиджак Giorgio Di Mare ...

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Жилеты gean.luc. Главная. Жилеты gean.luc. ✔. Сортировать по: Скидке | Дешевле | Дороже.

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Более 164 товаров в каталоге Gean.luc с доставкой по России. ❤ Купить лучшие предложения от ... Gean.luc Жилет на пуговицах с карманами. фланель ...

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Костюмы И Пиджаки Клетка - Gean.Luc - ДЛЯ МУЖЧИН Коллекции Весна-Лето и Осень-Зима. Покупайте Костюмы И Пиджаки Клетка Gean.Luc Для ...

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... двубортная модель, классический воротник, множество карманов, длинные рукава, съемная внутренняя часть, двубортный пиджак ... LUC - Пальто ...

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Мужские пиджаки с бахромой — 18 товаров в каталоге по цене от 4750 рублей. ... Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage · Двубортный пиджак с бахромой.

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Gean.luc Pубашка, Одежда Россия. Гибкая система скидок. Тысячи товаров по лучшим ценам! ... KLIXS JEANS Жилет. 5 250 р. «деним, эффект ...

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jean-luc lafond является международно признанным художником, действующим как на местном, так и на международном рынке. jean-luc lafond представляет разнообразные работы высокого качества, которые ...

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Стильный и качественный мужской пиджак "Andrea Ermanni". Италия. Цена: 1300 грн. ... Роскошь для человека с высоким ростом. Двубортный мужской пиджак Люкс класса - "Monti"! Цена: 1500 грн. Италия!

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9450 руб. Плотная ткань, вытачки, одноцветное изделие, множество карманов, карман с клапаном, один кармашек, пуговицы, воротник с лацканами, однобортная модель, длинные рукава, внутри на подкладке, двойной разрез сзади, стрейч, большой размер.

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Подробнее. Rvvaldi. Пиджак. Размеры в наличии: 52. 56. 5100 руб. Купить. Подробнее. Rvvaldi. Пиджак. Размеры в наличии: 54. 5100 руб. Купить. Подробнее. Rvvaldi. Пиджак. Размеры в наличии

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Luc для Мужчин онлайн на Yoox. Открой для ... GEAN.LUC. Классические брюки. 4 640 руб 2 850 руб. 46 · GEAN.LUC - Пальто ... GEAN.LUC - Толстовка ...

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LUC и других сайтов в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге и других городов ... Жилеты · GEAN.LUC · 4 390 руб. yoox.com · GEAN.LUC Повседневные брюки.

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Фильм Пиджак (2004) на нашем сайте, смотреть онлайн в высоком качестве hd 720p совершенно бесплатно. ... Фильм Пиджак (2004) также можно посмотреть онлайн на планшетах и сматрфонах андроид, айфон, айпад и на других мобильных устройствах. Также рекомендуем посмотреть. Комментарии: (7).


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LUC Пиджак | M-Style Ваза настольная "Radius" | Футболка классическая Printio Bjork | Комбинезон утепленный Аврора Аврора MP002XB004F5 | Шорты ...

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... Blue Women's Jackets & Outerwear - $23.99. ARMANI COLLEZIONI Пиджак ... GEAN.LUC Men's Shirt Black M INT. CRUCIANI Men's Cardigan Black 50 suit ...

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фланель, джерси, ремешки, двухцветный узор, множество карманов, объемный накладной карман-портфель, один кармашек, пуговицы, воротник с ...

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Trouvez facilement le numéro de téléphone ou l'adresse de Jean-Luc Bret avec le service PagesBlanches. ... Jean Luc Ponty: Live In Concert gean luc пальто.

Пиджак 2005 смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем...

Триллер, драма, детектив. Режиссер: Джон Мэйбери. В ролях: Эдриан Броуди, Кира Найтли, Крис Кристофферсон и др. Ветеран войны в Персидском заливе Джек Старкс поправляется после ранения в голову. Он возвращается в родной штат Вермонт, но ранение дает о себе знать приступами амнезии. Когда Старкса обвиняют в убийстве полицейского, его направляют на психиатрическую экспертизу.

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GEAN.LUC на Stylemi. В наличии 65 моделей из лучших интернет магазинов - в одном месте. ... Подписаться на новинки от GEAN. .... LUC - Толстовка ...

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Сортировать По дате Сначала дешевые Сначала дорогие. Мужской пиджак DCS 141. 6 590 р. В корзину. Пиджак Мужской DCS 90250. 6 590 р. В корзину. Пиджак Мужской DCS 2-404 90250 Батал. 6 990 р. В корзину. Пиджак мужской DCS 520 3007. 6 590 р. В корзину. Пиджак мужской DCS 2022385. 6 590 р. В корзину. Пиджак мужской DCS 2021397 (синий). 6 590 р. В корзину. Пиджак мужской DCS 2021397 (красный). 6 590 р. В корзину. Пиджак мужской DCS 2021397 (бежевый). 6 590 р. В корзину.

Vascular Gene Transfer from Metallic Stent Surfaces Using Adenoviral ...

12 авг. 2014 г. - ... аденовирусных векторов для пиджака поверхностей из нержавеющей стали. ... AdLuc, University of Pennsylvania Vector Core, AD-5-PV1028 .... Localized adenovirus gene delivery using antiviral IgG complexation.

Atlantico (Франция): возможен ли во ...

«Атлантико»: Можно ли говорить о возникновении революционной составляющей на ...

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sem10_except_ts_v2017_v1211.ipynb - WebTea

6.1.4) Запросить у пользователя имя файла и попытаться открыть файл с этим именем. Прочитать и вывести первую строку из этого файла. Корректно ...

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... карманов, длинные рукава, внутри на подкладке, однобортный пиджак .... P.CO Пальто · AT.P.CO Пальто. от 1 640 руб. GEAN.LUC Пальто · GEAN.

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В зависимости от модели, пиджак можно сочетать с джинсами, брюками, рубашками, футболками… Главное – правильно подобрать нужный вариант. Каждая модель проиллюстрирована и имеет подробное описание. Это поможет вам выбрать пиджак, который будет сидеть идеально. В качестве изделий можно не сомневаться. Оно вполне оправдывает стоимость.

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Мужские жилеты Young & Rich - купить в ...

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В каталоге широкий выбор из 438 мужских толстовок цвета хаки со скидками до 85% на брендовую продукц

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Детектив, триллер, фантастика. Режиссер: Джон Мэйбери. В ролях: Эдриан Броуди, Кира Найтли, Крис Кристофферсон и др. Дорогой киноман, вы сможете глянуть фильм Пиджак (2005) смотреть онлайн куда проще, чем качать с левых трекеров! Данное произведение всегда доступно в хорошем HD 720 качестве, благодаря которому можно насладиться им по достоинству и в лучшем доступном качестве! Иногда встречается такое, что фильма у нас не оказывается.

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GEAN.LUC Повседневные брюки Мужчинам CL000022121623 из магазина YOOX, бренд Gean.Luc в наличии. Бесплатная доставка по Москве, ...

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Gean.luc. Golden Valley. Goldy. ... Так же его можно одеть под пиджак зимой для дополнительного комфорта и тепла. Классический жилет подойдет под брюки со..  -40% 999 р.

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LUC - Толстовка Предпросмотр. GEAN.LUC. Толстовки. EUR 54,00. S M L · GEAN.LUC - Повседневные брюки Предпросмотр. GEAN.LUC. Повседневные ...

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Luc для Мужчин онлайн на YOOX. Открой ... GEAN.LUC. Повседневные брюки. EUR 104,00 EUR 72,00. 48 50 52 54 · GEAN. .... LUC - Классический жилет ...

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Купить фланелевый пиджак мужской с бесплатной доставкой по Москве и всей России. Мужские пиджаки фланелевые ... Пиджак Gean.Luc фланелевые.

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Каталог товаров Gean.Luc. Gean.Luc. 66 товаров найдено. Сортировка Новинки. НовинкиЦена по ... Gean.Luc | GEAN.LUC Пиджак Мужчинам | Clouty.

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Luc - ДЛЯ МУЖЧИН Коллекции Весна-Лето и Осень-Зима. Покупайте Брюки И Шорты Шерсть Gean.Luc Для Мужчин онлайн на YOOX. Эксклюзивные ...

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This Pin was discovered by Sarah Ortega. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Gean.luc Жилет, Одежда Россия. Гибкая система скидок. Тысячи товаров по лучшим ценам!

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1393 моделей мужских капри и укороченных брюк в 14 интернет-магазинах. Скидки и распродажи каждый день!

Jocelyn Berard Accelerating Leadership Development. Practical Solutions for Building Your Organizations Potential

Proven strategies and innovative solutions for developing and retaining successful leaders Many organizations today are facing a crisis of leadership. As the Baby Boomer generation exits the workforce, companies are struggling to find qualified leaders to fill critical roles. Accelerating Leadership Development offers solutions for leadership development, management, and retention from award-winning development firm Global Knowledge. Accelerating Leadership Development provides a proven model to help companies develop high-potential employees with the competencies and knowledge capital to assume critical roles successfully. It includes practical and rigorous tools that enable organizations to identify targets and predict those targets success with six measurable factors. With this proven development system, companies can develop a pipeline of ready leaders with high levels of engagement and retention. Features actionable, effective principles and strategies for leadership development using a results-oriented framework Chapters address communication and delegation strategies, effective feedback models, shifting of responsibility and accountability to direct reports, and contemporary coaching and development approaches Based on in-depth research and client interactions from one of the most prominent names in workforce development For any business that experiences a leadership failure or a lack of qualified leaders for vital positions, the consequences can be devastating. This practical and effective guide to leadership development offers real solutions for long-term excellence.

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High-Tech Tots. Childhood in a Digital World (PB)

A volume in Research in Global Child Advocacy SeriesSeries Editors Ilene R. Berson and Michael J. Berson(Sponsored by the Research in Global Child Advocacy SIGof the American Educational Research Association)Young children are coming of age surrounded by information and communication technology(ICT). ICT is a prominent force in their lives, and working with ICT can stimulate students intellectually,incite their creativity, and challenge them to apply developmentally appropriate inquiry approaches thatenhance their learning experiences. Digital technologies also allow children to expand their physical spaceand access many online social environments that transcend time and space. However, any focus on theefficiency and effectiveness of technology applications in the early childhood years cannot overlook thepotential consequences of technological development on children with regard to their social functioning,interpersonal interactions, and global understanding. In addition to evaluating technology as a tool ofinstruction, we must focus on educational implications and ethical issues associated with their use.This book is the fifth in the Research in Global Child Advocacy Series. The volume examinestheoretical assumptions as well as the application of innovative strategies that optimize the interface between young children and ICT from a globalperspective. Despite divergent perspectives, the chapter authors share a commitment to explore the immersion of ICT into the lives of youn...

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Selorm Kuffour The impacts of ICT on Modern World Business

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2017 in the subject Information Management, grade: 4.0, , language: English, abstract: There are a lot of studies done in other countries on the impact of ICT on businesses however in Ghana, studies in this field are scarce. This study focused on the impacts of ICT on modern world business in Ghana. The descriptive survey approach was adopted for this study which involved the use of questionnaires to obtain data which was analysed quantitatively. The respondents included the workers of K.Logistics. The study concluded that ICT is used in businesses for communication, record keeping and also to improve productivity. The study also concluded that limited financial resources, limited data management capacity, breaking down and malfunctioning of computer, poor awareness of ICT application and fund to invest more on ICT device and cost of training IT personnel and cost of repairs in terms internet service are factors that prevent ICT usage in businesses. Finally, the study also concluded that the use of ICT helps reduce cost, improve productivity, improves business performance, improves profitability of businesses, reduces corruption by helping keep accurate records and also makes transaction easy. The study thus recommended the use of ICT in all businesses to help improve upon productivity.

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Dzimbiri Lewis People Management and National Development in Malawi

People are the most important asset with significant effect on overall national performance. Machinery cannot initiate production and the need to always have a creative workforce to operate machinery remains critical in organizations. The paper critically examines available evidence on national capacity to implement various development initiatives in Malawi against challenges on both the demand and supply side of the skills equation and the relationship between employers and employees.Empirical studies have shown that the demand for staff to implement the Malawi Growth and Development Strategies(MGDS) and meet industry's demand is far greater now than ever before. Since people implement the strategic visions and development policies of a nation, an adequate understanding of the linkage between human resources and socio-economic development is a starting point for appreciating the significance of people management and the importance of harnessing a conducive industrial relations system at organizational and national levels.

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Sara A. Hurvitz Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Fundamentals, Drug Development, and Clinical Outcomes to Target Cancer

Providing practical and proven solutions for antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) drug discovery success in oncology, this book helps readers improve the drug safety and therapeutic efficacy of ADCs to kill targeted tumor cells. • Discusses the basics, drug delivery strategies, pharmacology and toxicology, and regulatory approval strategies • Covers the conduct and design of oncology clinical trials and the use of ADCs for tumor imaging • Includes case studies of ADCs in oncology drug development • Features contributions from highly-regarded experts on the frontlines of ADC research and development

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Ph.D. Michael Edmondson Navigate the Chaos. 365 Strategies for Personal Growth and Professional Development, 2018 edition

Today's world presents new challenges to us on a daily basis. The same could be said, however, for those who lived centuries ago. Each generation has issues to address, questions to answer, and problems to solve. One question that has unified people across centuries is 'how do I navigate the chaos and create the life I envision?' To help people navigate the chaos of today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world I built www.navigatethechaos.com from which this publication is based. Navigate the Chaos: 365 Strategies for Personal Growth and Professional Development is built around three guiding principles: reflection, brevity, and opportunity.

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Ilir Hajdini Information Communication Technologies

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2008 in the subject Technology, grade: Second class - Merit, University of Sussex (SPRU - SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY RESEARCH), course: International Management, language: English, abstract: The research will firstly describe some of the types of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and its general impact on management, secondly elaborate the effect of ICT in International Companies' (IC) strategies, thirdly elaborate the effect of ICT in ICs' organizational structures, and on the way it will elaborate how can all this types of ICT as alternative resource-use systems impact the long-term wealth, well-being and productivity of ICs, and finally how ICT can help ICs operate in a more environmentally accepted way.

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Rocky Heckman Designing Platform Independent Mobile Apps and Services

Presents strategies to designing platform agnostic mobile apps connected to cloud based services that can handle heavy loads of modern computing Provides development patterns for platform agnostic app development and technologies Includes recommended standards and structures for easy adoption Covers portable and modular back-end architectures to support service agility and rapid development

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Ming-Li Shiu Quality Strategy for Research and Development

Provides a clear, useful framework and methods for R&D, including robust technology development, product planning, and product design and development management Quality Strategy for Research and Development integrates the Japanese and Western perspectives on Quality Function Deployment (QFD), updates the strategy of Robust Engineering (RE), and relates their unique frameworks to current, widely adopted philosophies of quality assurance. Featuring real-world case studies, more than thirty tables, and over seventy figures, this essential guide identifies key issues and proposes improvements in the current R&D paradigm. It offers in-depth coverage of technology development, product planning, and product design and development management. Quality Strategy for Research and Development: Updates the conventional approaches to QFD and RE, and provides the implementation model of combining them into a corporate operating system Identifies key issues in the current practice of R&D, and provides solutions for improving design quality and R&D productivity Includes the case studies of designing a functional circuit, magnetic component, measurement system, and machining equipment Offers the integration models of QFD and other breakthrough strategies including DFX (Design For eXcellence), DFSS (Design For Six Sigma), and Blue Ocean Strategy Written for R&D executives, managers, engineers, and quality practitioners, Quality Strategy for Research and Development is also an ideal text for professors and students of industrial and systems engineering, technology management, and business administration.

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Seon Levius Information and Communication Technology Strategies to Improve International Competitiveness in the Wholesale Retail Trade Sector

Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 4.0, , language: English, abstract: The study explored the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategies that managers of Barbados's wholesale trade businesses use to improve international competitiveness in Barbados. The resource-based view theory was the conceptual framework for this study. Data collection included semi structured interviews with 15 business managers, participant observation, and organizational document analysis. Data analysis and methodological triangulation revealed 4 themes that helped to understand the findings within the context of the research question and the purpose of the study. These themes included competitive position and response, internal factors, IT-specific factors, and ICT experiences. Implications of social change include providing business managers with specific knowledge on ICT strategies used to improve international competitiveness in Barbados and an understanding of desirable and undesirable perspectives held regarding these strategies.

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Mike Lee S. Oral Bioavailability Assessment. Basics and Strategies for Drug Discovery Development

Specifically geared to personnel in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, this book describes the basics and challenges of oral bioavailability – one of the most significant hurdles in drug discovery and development. • Describes approaches to assess pharmacokinetics and how drug efflux and uptake transporters impact oral bioavailability • Helps readers reduce the failure rate of drug candidates when transitioning from the bench to the clinic during development • Explains how preclinical animal models – used in preclinical testing – and in vitro tools translate to humans, which is an underappreciated and complicated area of drug development • Includes chapters about pharmacokinetic modelling, the Biopharmaceutics Drug Disposition Classification System (BDDCS), and the Extended Clearance Classification System (ECCS) • Has tutorials for applying strategies to medicinal chemistry practices of drug discovery/development

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Augusto Quiala Maquengo ICT Skills-base for A Development

Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2009 in the subject Computer Science - Applied, grade: 3.89, Atlantic International University (Faculty of Economics), course: Economic Development, language: English, abstract: Executive SummaryThis assessment outlines the challenges of retaining and attracting high-skilled professionals, briefly assesses both the "brain gain" and the "brain drain" in the health sector, and examines some of the existing programs that encourage return. It provides an overview of the role of the Diaspora in fostering the transfer of knowledge, technology, capital, and remittances.The assessment also looks into the policy implications in each African country and how those policies can attract the Diaspora that is well established in the Western countries. It draws attention to the principle role of ICT for development bringing insights on the skills needed to embark on a development agenda by attracting the best trained African highly skilled Professionals in the areas. Another essential element has been the economic development of many previously less developed countries. As a result, many goods previously produced primarily by lower-skilled factory workers in the OECD countries are now produced in less developed countries. The globalization of the world economy has altered the international specialization in production. This has increased the demand for high-skilled workers in the advanced economies, but decreased the demand in thos...

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Akampurira Abraham Development Economics. An Aspect of

Development economics entail all the aspects of the development process especially meant for the developing countries to overcome the challenges that impede development. This can be through education, education and man power development, restructuring market incentives, incorporating favorable social and political approaches and practices among other factors.Human beings however need streamlined social and economic systems that are able to achieve development through major changes in social structures, national institutions, cultures and attitudes as well as eradication of poverty, reduction of income inequality and acceleration of economic growth. The developing world needs a multi-disciplinary approach and ideas so as to come out of the economic backward situation. Micheal, P describes that because of heterogeneity of the developing world, and the complexity of the development process, development economics must be eclectic, attempting to combine relevant concepts and theories from traditional economics analysis along with new models and broader multi-disciplinary approaches from historical and co temporally development experience of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Debraj Ray puts it that development economics studies economics of the developing world and has made excellent use of economic theory, econometrics, anthropology, sociology, political science, biology and demography. It needs a lot more dimensional approach to understand it.

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David Sanka Laar ICT Implementation in Rural Communities Developing Countries

Master's Thesis from the year 2005 in the subject Information Management, University of Manchester (IDPM), course: MSc Management and Information Systems, language: English, abstract: There has been a gamut of arguments concerning the role of information and communication technologies in reducing poverty and creating sustainable rural development in developing countries. But most of the studies have centred on case study descriptions, with a handful attempting to analyse the outcomes of these initiatives using a framework that addresses the multiple dimensions of the livelihoods of the rural poor. This dissertation takes a view that ICT can contribute to sustainable rural development when it is implemented and assessed through such a framework geared at building the capabilities and assets of the rural folks and improving the links within and between these people and the organisations and institutions that play a role in rural development. It reviews various paradigms of rural ICT in developing countries and goes on to analyse the implementation and contribution of two of such initiatives to rural livelihoods using the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework. The result revealed that such factors, as the perceptions of practitioners, political contentions and policy environments are the major factors shaping ICT initiatives for the rural poor.

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Martin Masuch Reason-Oriented Marketing. A Generic Marketing Approach for reasonable Products and Services

The modern economic world is characterized by a vast number of different customer requirements, products, and variations of products, as well as ideas, meanings, opinions, and arguments. Marketing activities are nowadays embedded in a complex world characterized by a multitude of interdependencies and interrelations between different stakeholders and interest groups.Hitherto, economic systems, and above all marketing strategies, strive to separate concerns in order to control the whole. The development of autonomous and stand-alone marketing concepts in the past reflects this paradigm. To cope with the global and networked conditions of the presence, suitable strategies have to be designed which are able to manage the requirements of transitional relationships.The combination of transverse reason and the open society as well as the conceptual transfer to the field of marketing leads to the concept of reason-oriented marketing. The generic character of reason-oriented marketing is enabled by methodical patterns which presents solutions to selected aspects of the marketing process. These patterns constitute generic blueprints for sample solutions that can be systematically arranged to design a strategic implementation of reasonable thinking within the marketing process. The patterns consider particularly the relationships and interactions between the interest groups of the macro environment, by integrating:-the perception and recognition of needs, interests, and requirements of...

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Axel Schultze Channel Excellence

Channel Excellence reveals insights and provides guidance to leverage global partner networks. The author, Axel Schultze, has over 20 years experience in national and global channel sales development and built one of the largest high tech distribution channels in the world. He describes the core of channel economics and 25 best practices based methodologies including channel strategies, partner recruitment, partner development, partner programs, channel sales & marketing and more. The author interviewed and worked with the most influential channel architects around the world and describes the most important stages in indirect sales to create a leading partner network. In this 2nd Edition the book finishes with a highly provoking ""Zero Margin Distribution"" model, the most disruptive business model since the existing of distribution.The author's provocative request:Don't confuse your sales model. Sell exclusively direct or exclusively indirect!

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Damien Smith Pfister Networked Media, Rhetorics. Attention and Deliberation in the Early Blogosphere

Networked Media, Networked Rhetorics examines key moments in the early blogosphere to understand how bloggers use the affordances of digital media technology to engage in public argument. This is the first book to consider blogging from a rhetorical perspective, asking how the digital medium of communication changes the conditions for persuasion. Interpreting the blogosphere as part of the nascent networked public sphere, it registers fundamental changes in rhetorical practice and public deliberation.

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Bridging the Knowledge Divide. Educational Technology for Development (PB)

A volume in Educational Design and Technology in the Knowledge SocietySeries Editors Stewart Marshall and Wanjira KinuthiaIn many international settings, developing economies are in danger of declining as the digital divide becomesthe knowledge divide. This decline attacks the very fabric of cohesion and purpose for these regional societiesdelivering increased social, health, economic and sustainability problems. The examples in this book willprovide leaders, policy developers, researchers, students and community with successful strategies andprinciples of ICT use in education to address these needs.This book will discuss how educational technology can be used to transform education and assist developingcommunities to close the knowledge divide. It will provide comprehensive coverage of educational technologyin development in different professions and parts of world. The book will provide examples of best practice,case studies and principles for educators, community leaders, researchers and policy advisers on the use of educational technology for development. Inparticular, it will provide examples of how education can be provided more flexibly in order to provide access to hitherto disadvantaged communitiesand individuals.

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Pursuit of Excellence in a Networked Society

Pursuit of Excellence in a Networked Society gives an overview of research and practice, describing and exploring efforts toward continuous improvement in programming to promote excellence. The talent development of students and teachers is a hot topic in today's knowledge-based society which increasingly demands innovative, reflective, and globally-aware citizens. Educational programmes especially designed to prepare academically motivated students for their future role now wrap around the globe. Therefore, in order to support continuous growth and opportunities for challenging our advanced learners, we have opened up new ways for sharing knowledge and to encourage the building up of partnerships and conversations between researchers and teachers. The Research Centre for Talent Development in Higher Education and Society, headed by Marca Wolfensberger and based at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, organised the first international conference "Evoking Excellence in Higher Education and Beyond". As Joseph Renzulli says in the foreword, this conference brought together scholars and educators from around the world to share their work in promoting high-level learning experiences. Presenters discussed their research and practical efforts in honours programmes, gifted programmes, and other contexts aimed at evoking excellence. This book offers a selection of the work of those presenting at this conference. Across six chapters, the following topics...

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