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Tom Worthington ICT Sustainability. Assessment and Strategies for a Low Carbon Future

ICT Sustainability is about how to assess, and reduce, the carbon footprint and materials used with computers and telecommunications. These are the notes for an award winning on-line graduate course on strategies for reducing the environmental impact of computers and how to use the Internet to make business more energy efficient. These notes have been used for courses by the Australian Computer Society, Australian National University and Athabasca University (Canada). The book includes an extensive bibliography. Free open access course-ware is available on-line to accompany this text.

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Avlonas Nikos Practical Sustainability Strategies. How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Strategies that enable organizations to succeed as businesses and as responsible corporate citizens Based on the authors many years of research and hands-on experience, this book provides tested and proven practical strategies that make it possible for organizations to develop, maintain, or extend their competitive advantage without causing harm to the environment and society. Moreover, it explains how to set goals and objectives and then monitor, measure, and report on progress towards achieving corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Most importantly, readers will discover that this can all be accomplished while, at the same time, improving bottom-line profitability. Practical Sustainability Strategies: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage is divided into four parts: Part 1, Introduction to Sustainability, underscores the urgency for organizations to adopt and develop sustainable practices Part 2, Sustainable Strategies, details numerous strategies that have been proven to work, including environmental innovation through biomimicry, green buildings, and green chemistry Part 3, Tools and Metrics, offers practical information on implementing strategies and measuring sustainability and reporting, including global standards and guidelines for managing sustainability, life-cycle analysis, carbon and water footprints such as GRI, GHG Protocol, UN Global Compact Part 4, Conclusion, provides an expert forecast of the future of sustainability Case studies based on the authors research and fieldwork illustrate how leading companies have implemented each of the sustainability strategies discussed in the book. Theres also an appendix with additional case studies exploring various aspects of business practices and sustainability. Practical Sustainability Strategies is ideal as a graduate textbook as well as a reference for business managers. All readers will not only gain a greater appreciation for sustainable development, but also the skills needed to integrate sustainability into all aspects of their organizations business practices.

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Jo Dewulf Sustainability Assessment of Renewables-Based Products. Methods and Case Studies

Over the past decade, renewables-based technology and sustainability assessment methods have grown tremendously. Renewable energy and products have a significant role in the market today, and the same time sustainability assessment methods have advanced, with a growing standardization of environmental sustainability metrics and consideration of social issues as part of the assessment. Sustainability Assessment of Renewables-Based Products: Methods and Case Studies is an extensive update and sequel to the 2006 title Renewables-Based Technology: Sustainability Assessment. It discusses the impressive evolution and role renewables have taken in our modern society, highlighting the importance of sustainability principles in the design phase of renewable-based technologies, and presenting a wide range of sustainability assessment methods suitable for renewables-based technologies, together with case studies to demonstrate their applications. This book is a valuable resource for academics, businesses and policy makers who are active in contributing to more sustainable production and consumption. For more information on the Wiley Series in Renewable Resources, visit www.wiley.com/go/rrs Topics covered include: The growing role of renewables in our society Sustainability in the design phase of products and processes Principles of sustainability assessment Land use analysis Water use analysis Material and energy flow analysis Exergy and cumulative exergy analysisCarbon and environmental footprint methods Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), social Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Case studies: renewable energy, bio-based chemicals and bio-based materials.

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Tom Worthington Digital Teaching In Higher Education. Designing E-learning for International Students of Technology, Innovation and the Environment

Higher Education is a global industry, driving a new technological, industrial revolution. However, it is important to remember education is still about teachers helping students learn. This work is a collection of short essays exploring how to use digital technology to provide a form of teaching which will meet social and economic goals, and make use of technology, while still having a place for the academic as a teacher. This book charts one future for Higher Education, including instructional design, planning and management, catering for international students, using Open Education Resources and Mobile Learning. Case studies presenting the design of e-learning courses in ICT Sustainability and innovation are provided, along with educational theory and extensive references.

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Luisa Henrike Schäfer Employees as Key Success Factors for Sustainability Strategies.

Fully integrating sustainability into a corporate strategy has progressively become the ubiquitous norm. However, designing a credible, effective sustainability strategy still appears to be a challenging task and lacking employee support frequently labels the strategies as insignificant public relations practices. As the awareness for sustainability issues prevails, the call for a substantial paradigm shift in corporate mindsets emerges: For any sustainability strategy to be successful, the affected employees need to be aligned and engaged behind it. Human Resource Development (HRD) as proper training enabler for such strategies offers important voice and expertise to realize the true satisfaction of sustainability ambitions.At the present time of globalization and due to the critical need to consider environmental, social, and financial consequences of business operations, the sustainability movement cannot be considered a passing trend. Since HRD is expected to play a facilitative role in establishing corporate sustainability, this work proposes theoretical approaches linking HRD with sustainability and corporate responsibility. The empirical purpose of this study is to investigate the current engagement of HRD in the field, examining one fundamental question: Assuming that employees are key success factors for sustainability strategies, how can HRD professionals and departments ensure that sustainable behavior will be part of all members of a company?Drawing from qualitati...

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Sipilä Antti J. Sustainable ICT

Sustainable development as a concept was first introduced by United Nations in 1974. It rose to broader public knowledge in 1987 with the publication of "Our Common Future", or so called Bruntland report by UN commission on sustainable development. Sustainability has since been a stable basis in many of the development plans made around the world. Sustainable ICT is a relatively new field, where work started around the turn of the millennium. This book, Sustainable ICT - A Contemporary Overview, aims to chart the history of sustainable development and describe the current situation of sustainability in the ICT field. Themes included in the book are academic work, administration, applications, frameworks, hardware, institutional and national strategies, practical measures, recycling and worldwide initiatives. For broader context, information and knowledge society is discussed as well. The book will work as a good introductory source on the field and its related issues on the first decade of 2000's. It explains the current state of sustainability research and suggests topics for future research.

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Eric Lowitt The Future of Value. How Sustainability Creates Value Through Competitive Differentiation

Enhance business performance by using sustainability for competitive advantage The Future of Value reveals what it takes for companies to grow and outperform the competition in todays growth-constrained, sustainability conscious world. The author shows leaders how to use sustainability as a powerful, pragmatic lens to enhance business performance. He also explores how to craft and oversee a portfolio of effective tools, develop competitive strategies, and adjust value chain activities, talent management practices, and corporate policies to help organizations execute powerful sustainability strategies. He provides a systematic, yet instantly familiar, model all companies can use to connect sustainability with their growth and competitive strategies. In this way, the author shows leaders how to shape, color, and own The Future of Value. Outlines the keys to implementing sustainability in organizations to achieve business success today and tomorrow Reveals how to engage stakeholders in day to day sustainability management as a means to shape and fuel efforts to continuously renew their sustainability strategies The author is a 15-year veteran of sustainability and strategy management consulting, having worked with clients in the US, Japan, Australia, and Europe. He has an MBA in Strategic Management from The University of Pennsylvanias Wharton School and writes a regular column for Sustainable Life Media and GreenBiz, two of the worlds most heavily trafficked sustainability news and thought leadership portals The author draws useful and accessible conclusions from a rich, diverse set of corporate interviewees. A core part of his research was the selection and interrogation of more than 25 Global Fortune 500 companies sustainability, strategy, and finance leads.

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Theodore Lee Professional Development of ICT Integration for Teachers

In past decade, the use of ICT in schools increased exponentially. However, ICT integration in teaching is still utilized at a low level. While many ICT professional development programs for teachers focus mainly on developing teachers' technical competency, the effect of their attitude, perception and emotion towards ICT integration is usually neglected. In this book, a social approach to professional development of ICT integration is argued to be important to improve ICT integration. A research was conducted to look at issues of ICT integration from the teachers' perspective and to explore the impact of peer support in enhancing ICT professional development. Based on the research findings, this book draws the focus on developing teachers' intrinsic motivation towards ICT integration. Peer support is found to be an enabler of intrinsic motivation. A sustainable peer support enhanced professional development model is thus developed. This book should help shed some light on developing ICT professional development programs for teachers and should be especially useful to teachers, professional developers and school leaders who want to lift ICT integration to a higher level.

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Gabriel Amir The Impact of Sustainability Strategies on Corporate Performance

Companies are developing strategies to realize value based upon the concept of sustainability. Businesses recognize that sustainability can create a strategic advantage, and can become instrumental to their long-term viability. The concept has dramatically expanded the scope of measuring organizational performance into the economic, social, and environmental components that are often referred to collectively as the "triple bottom line." Organizations are discovering that specific products and processes can have profound environmental and social implications besides normal economic benefits. Within this context, organizational decision-makers must contend with numerous stakeholder issues, pressure from environmental agencies, and increased social consciousness that affects workers, consumers, and communities. These factors must be balanced by a reasonable return on investment and long-term organizational success. The interaction between these conflicting pressures and barriers makes it difficult for organizations to adopt sustainability strategies.

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Concettina Guarino Evaluating multifunctional land use and livestock farming

With the purpose to provoke a co-evolutionary process of consumers and producers practices, this book proposes a holistic self-assessment tool for practical use at the farm level. Providing farmers and other stakeholders with insight into ecological, social and economic aspects of farming, holistic sustainability assessments play a key role in advancing sustainability. The first results are promising.

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Zabihollah Rezaee Corporate Sustainability. Integrating Performance and Reporting

Invaluable guidance for complete integration of sustainability into reporting and performance management systems Global businesses are under close scrutiny from lawmakers, regulators, and their diverse stakeholders to focus on sustainability and accept responsibility for their multiple bottom line performance. Business Sustainability and Accountability examines business sustainability and accountability reporting and their integration into strategy, governance, risk assessment, performance management and the reporting process. This book also highlights how people, business and resources collaborate in a business sustainability and accountability model. Looks at business sustainability and accountability reporting and assurance and their incorporation into the reporting process Focuses on how the business sustainability and accountability model are impacted by the collaboration of people, business, and resources Presents laws, rules, regulations, standards and best practices relevant to business sustainability performance, reporting and assurance Organizations worldwide recognize the importance of all five EGSEE dimensions of sustainability performance and accountability reporting. However, how to actually assess sustainability risk, implement sustainability reporting, and obtain sustainability assurance remain a major challenge and best practices are evolving. Straightforward and comprehensive Business Sustainability and Accountability hits on all of the hottest topics around sustainability including multiple bottom line (EGSEE) performance and reporting, related financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs), business social responsibility and environmental reporting.

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Thi Luc Hoa Pham ICT Development Strategies

After a decade, internet now reaches the Asian region as well as African countries intensively while USA, Canada and Europe are focusing newer inventions. Within the Asian region it exists considerably another technological gap among countries. The countries with higher income such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea has succeeded in implementing ICT in all social and economic areas. The rest of the countries, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, are far behind in information technology. Nevertheless, it´s necessary for all nations, weather developed or developing, to keep on nurturing ICT development to be a part of connected world. The question is how a nation can successfully adopt ICT and benefit from all advantages at best. Unfortunately, there is no common guideline for all countries. Without identifying specific factors of each country and a lot of effort made by government, no country can achieve high ICT performance in the long run. The purpose of this paper is three-fold:To identify the characteristics and political options of a country, that would affect the success of ist ICT adoption. To identify clusters of nations upon the international ICT indices and GNI per capita To provide an overall guideline that incorporates these nations toward developing higher ICT indices.This paper shows income level and social background can play very important roles in country´s ICT development.

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Banta Trudy W. Assessment Clear and Simple. A Practical Guide for Institutions, Departments, General Education

The first edition of Assessment Clear and Simple quickly became the essential go-to guide for anyone who participates in the assessment process in higher education. With the increased pressure to perform assessment to demonstrate accountability, Assessment Clear and Simple is needed more than ever. This second edition of the classic resource offers a concise, step-by-step guide that helps make assessment simple, cost-efficient, and useful to an institution. It contains effective strategies for meeting the requirements of accreditation agencies, legislatures, review boards, and others, while emphasizing and showing how to move from data to actions that improve student learning. This thoroughly revised and updated edition includes many new or expanded features, including: Illustrative examples drawn from the authors experience consulting with more than 350 institutions A basic, no-frills assessment plan for departments and for general education Tips on how to integrate portfolios and e-portfolios into the assessment process Suggestions for using rubrics and alternatives to rubrics, including doing assessment for multidisciplinary work Clear instructions on how to construct a coherent institution-wide assessment system and explain it to accreditors Ideas for assigning responsibility for general education assessment Strategies for gathering information about departmental assessment while keeping the departmental workload manageable Information on how to manage assessment in times of budgetary cutbacks Praise for the Second Edition of Assessment Clear and Simple «Walvoords approach to assessment is wonderfully straightforward; it is also effective in facilitating faculty engagement in assessment. Weve applied a number of her methods to our campus assessment efforts with success. This book makes assessment both manageable and useful in improving and enhancing student learning.»—Martha L. A. Stassen, director of assessment, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and president, New England Educational Assessment Network (NEEAN) «Walvoords work clearly presents the basics for getting started in assessment of student learning while honestly addressing the complexities of assessment when driven by faculty passion for student learning. This book is a valuable resource for the novice as well as the developing experts who are leading their institutions in academic assessment.»—Bobbi Allen, faculty assessment director, Delta College

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David Lawrence P. Impact Assessment. Practical Solutions to Recurrent Problems and Contemporary Challenges

Offers solutions and best practices to respond to recurrent problems and contemporary challenges in the field Since the publication of the first edition of Environmental Impact Assessment in 2003, both the practice and theory of impact assessment have changed substantially. Not only has the field been subject to a great deal of new regulations and guidelines, it has also evolved tremendously, with a greater emphasis on strategic environmental, sustainability, and human health impact assessments. Moreover, there is a greater call for impact assessments from a global perspective. This Second Edition, now titled Impact Assessment to reflect its broader scope and the breadth of these many changes, offers students and practitioners a current guide to todays impact assessment practice. Impact Assessment begins with an introduction and then a chapter reviewing conventional approaches to the field. Next, the book is organized around recurrent problems and contemporary challenges in impact assessment process design and management, enabling readers to quickly find the material they need to solve tough problems, including: How to make impact assessments more influential, rigorous, rational, substantive, practical, democratic, collaborative, ethical, and adaptive How each problem and challenge-reducing process would operate at the regulatory and applied levels How each problem can be approached for different impact assessment types—sustainability assessment, strategic environmental assessment, project-level EIA, social impact assessment, ecological impact assessment, and health impact assessment How to link and combine impact assessment processes to operate in situations with multiple overlapping problems, challenges, and impact assessment types How to connect and combine impact assessment processes Each chapter first addresses the topic with current theory and then demonstrates how that theory is applied, presenting requirements, guidelines, and best practices. Summaries at the end of each chapter provide a handy tool for structuring the design and evaluation of impact assessment processes and documents. Readers will find analyses and new case studies that address such issues as multi-jurisdictional impact assessment, climate change, cumulative effects assessment, follow-up, capacity building, interpreting significance, and the siting of major industrial and waste facilities. Reflecting current theory and standards of practice, Impact Assessment is appropriate for both students and practitioners in the field, enabling them to confidently respond to a myriad of new challenges in the field.

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Narasimha Kotha Indian Low-Cost Airlines and Their Future Sustainability

Master's Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Business economics - Operations Research, grade: MERIT, , language: English, abstract: The deregulation has revolutionized the air travel industry in India. The low-cost carrier's entry in India has been fulfilling the dream of many Indian people. However, in recent years, low-cost carriers in India are facing huge operational losses and led few carriers to undergo bankruptcy. The impact of high fuel costs, government policies, strikes and infrastructure constraints has led Indian LCCs to pass through a turbulence period. These constraints together place a question mark on Indian LCCs future sustainability and their growth in Indian airline industry.Therefore, this research is undertaken with an objective to conduct strategic analysis on Indian low-cost carriers and examine their future sustainability in the market. The strategic analysis has identified the current situation, and the key challenges faced by Indian low-cost carriers in current operating environment. The impact of internal and external environmental factors caused on Indian low-cost carriers has been also discussed in this report. In addition, this report also discusses the various business strategies followed by major Indian low-cost carriers like INDIGO, Go Air, Spice Jet and Jetlite. A survey has been conducted to identify the customer perception towards travel in low-cost carriers. Data gathered through survey was analyzed to answer key research ques...

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Ronald Whitfield, Jeanne McNett A Primer on Sustainability. In the Business Environment

This book will take a broad look at the ways in which the concept of sustainability is being applied in the business context. It answers the question, "What does Sustainability mean to the way we practice business?" A key characteristic is its concise, readable, comprehensive treatment of the complex issues sustainability raises for the business world. The goal of the book is to provide the reader an introduction to knowledge and skills they need to help organizations understand and act upon the principles of sustainability. The reader will also gain a deeper understanding of the relationships among business, society, and the environment. The approach of this book is to examine a variety of market failures and how different businesses choose to respond to them. It will explore strategies to correct these market failures - with improved product innovation, entrepreneurial activity, and government action. This book will also explore the techniques and tools of sustainability from a practical, business-oriented perspective. As an introduction to sustainability, this book will function to anchor the Business Expert Press sustainability collection, helping the reader appreciate its coherence and depth. This book is written for an advanced undergraduate and graduate-level business school reader, as well as for their professors. It will also find a readership with science, social science and engineering professors and students for courses on sustainability in those disciplin...

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Toshiyuki Sueyoshi Environmental Assessment on Energy and Sustainability by Data Envelopment Analysis

Introduces a bold, new model for energy industry pollution prevention and sustainable growth Balancing industrial pollution prevention with economic growth is one of the knottiest problems faced by industry today. This book introduces a novel approach to using data envelopment analysis (DEA) as a powerful tool for achieving that balance in the energy industries—the world’s largest producers of greenhouse gases. It describes a rigorous framework that integrates elements of the social sciences, corporate strategy, regional economics, energy economics, and environmental policy, and delivers a methodology and a set of strategies for promoting green innovation while solving key managerial challenges to greenhouse gas reduction and business growth. In writing this book the authors have drawn upon their pioneering work and considerable experience in the field to develop an unconventional, holistic approach to using DEA to assess key aspects of sustainability development. The book is divided into two sections, the first of which lays out a conventional framework of DEA as the basis for new research directions. In the second section, the authors delve into conceptual and methodological extensions of conventional DEA for solving problems of environmental assessment in all contemporary energy industry sectors. Introduces a powerful new approach to using DEA to achieve pollution prevention, sustainability, and business growth Covers the fundamentals of DEA, including theory, statistical models, and practical issues of conventional applications of DEA Explores new statistical modeling strategies and explores their economic and business implications Examines applications of DEA to environmental analysis across the complete range of energy industries, including coal, petroleum, shale gas, nuclear energy, renewables, and more Summarizes important studies and nearly 800 peer reviewed articles on energy, the environment, and sustainability Environmental Assessment on Energy and Sustainability by Data Envelopment Analysis is must-reading for researchers, academics, graduate students, and practitioners in the energy industries, as well as government officials and policymakers tasked with regulating the environmental impacts of industrial pollution.

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Ismail Luwangula Equipping Teachers with ICT Skills for Pedagogical Integration in Uganda. An Evaluation of Policy Implementation Jinja Municipality

Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Pedagogy - School System, Educational and School Politics, grade: ABBA, East China Normal University (International Center of Teacher Education), course: International Master of Education in Education Leadership and Policy, language: English, abstract: The promise of ICT in enhancing socio-economic development has prompted several countries including Uganda to integrate it in their education systems. However, integrating ICT in education requires a computing teaching force. Uganda developed a policy to guide ICT integration in Education. This policy emphasises equipping teachers with ICT skills as a cornerstone for implementing ICT in the country's schools.This study therefore sought to assess the strategies being used to equip teachers with ICT skills and to evaluate whether the implementation of the policy so far has had any impact on teachers' ICT skills so that more strategies for the implementation of the policy could be suggested. A mixed methods design was used to gather data. Two data sources were used, (i) government documents and (ii) teachers' responses to a questionnaire. A total of 140 respondents from 20 schools were selected to participate in the study.Data were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages were used to describe the responses from the questionnaires. The Chi-square test of independence was also carried out to compare so...

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Поэтому, одна из главных задач родителей заключается в том, чтобы ... Балетки для девочки, черные A-T68-03-A. TOM.M. Балетки для девочки, черные ...


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Балетки Балетки. Босоножки Босоножки. Ботинки Ботинки. Валенки Валенки. Кеды Кеды. Кроксы Кроксы. Кроссовки Кроссовки. Мокасины Мокасины.

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Daria, как я вас понимаю!.. Балетки не могу носить, нога выскальзывает из них, хотя очень нравятся. Как другие их носят на одних только пальцах - не ...

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Dior Балетки для детей на NICKIS.com: 13 продукты ✓ Информация о текущих детской ... одежда для девочек, мальчиков и младенцев » Откройте для себя прямо сейчас! ... Кожаные ремни с кнопкой закрытия. в том числе подарок.

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26 апр. 2018 г. - Когда мы поговорили с руководителем, мы убедились в том, что ... На них запечатлены девочки в коротких юбках, блузках и балетках, ...

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Продам балетки ходили по квартире. ... Продам туфли для девочки 33-34 размера дешево: по 50-60 грв, лимонные 100 грв .... Дутики для девочки Tom.m ...


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Продажа и покупка товаров и услуг (бытовая и электротехника, мебель, одежда и т.д.), автомобили и недвижимость на крупнейшей площадке ...

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Категории с товарами "Tom.m, российский брэнд": Обувь для девочек · Сандалии, босоножки · Обувь · Туфли, балетки, кожаные мокасины, слипоны ...

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Детские балетки для девочек TOM-MIKI демисезон. Детские балетки для девочек TOM-MIKI демисезон. Возрастная группа: Школьная. Артикул: ...

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Архив: Балетки летние Tom & Eva: 7 000 тг. - Женская обувь ...

Балетки летние Tom & Eva. Алматы, Алматинская область, Алмалинский район Опубликовано с мобильного в 00:46, 4 июля 2018, Номер объявления: ...

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Детская обувь торговой марки "Tom.m" изготавливается по итальянской технологии, с учетом дизайнерских разработок мастеров этой страны.

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30 окт. 2018 г. - Балетки и туфли для девочек — купить по выгодной цене с доставкой. 27 моделей в проверенных ... Туфли TOM MIKI · 979 ₽.

Michael Hass Interviewing For Assessment. A Practical Guide for School Psychologists and Counselors

An indispensable guide for school psychologists and school counselors on assessment interviewing Assessment Interviewing is a collaborative, strengths-based approach to the subject that helps professionals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively gather the information they need in order to assess childrens social, emotional, and academic functioning. Practical and easy to read, it provides step-by-step guidelines for structuring interviews for different purposes, communicating respect and understanding, and strategies for gathering information from children of different ages, cultures, and social standings. Chapter contains case studies and examples that illustrate how to clarify and classify problems, understand strengths and resources, appreciate the role of culture in interviews and respond to risk of suicide. The book concludes with a chapter on how to communicate the key information gathered into a comprehensive assessment or intervention plan. Addresses the unique interviewing needs of school-based professionals Features numerous practice exercises Provides strategies and guidelines for integrating the information gathered from interviews into a comprehensive assessment or intervention plan Includes interview protocols and end-of-chapter checklists This book is an ideal resource for school-based practitioners and graduate courses in assessment, counseling, and seminars attached to fieldwork.

3313.15 РУБ



Lowellyne James Sustainability Footprints in SMEs. Strategy and Case Studies for Entrepreneurs Small Business

Reviews the evolution and theory of Sustainability Footprints e.g. carbon footprint and examines the critical success factors and contributions to small to medium sized enterprises (SME) growth • Assist firms in achieving sustainable growth in four key areas Innovation Impact, Cost Impact, Environmental Impact, and Stakeholder Impact • Identifies the challenges and Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in the use of sustainability footprint methodology within small businesses by the use of case studies • Proposes a strategic model suitable for the deployment of sustainability strategy and initiatives within business

5800.66 РУБ



Sunil Shah Sustainable Refurbishment

This guide to green retro-fitting for corporate real estate, facility managers and occupiers struggling to reduce their building’s carbon footprint will help in the planning and management of a sustainable refurbishment programme. Facilities managers have a key role in improving and maintaining a building’s sustainability credentials over its whole life – through benchmarking and developing improvement strategies, energy efficiency measures and installation of low carbon technologies, as well as through waste minimisation and appropriate material use. The first part of the book gives the context, providing the structure and linkage between the other chapters, together with an overview on sustainable development and refurbishment projects separately and the value gained from a sustainable refurbishment. Part 2 details the regulatory and financial drivers, together with market pressures, and provides an overview of where this is leading together with the implications for sustainable refurbishment. Part 3 provides technical support on carbon measures, helping to determine the feasibility of good practices as part of the refurbishment. Included is a review of energy efficiency, renewable and low carbon technologies and embodied carbon to enable lifecycle carbon calculations, together with the necessary behavioural change aspects needed to embed the changes. Linkages and benefits between the technologies will be highlighted. Part 4 reviews refurbishment from a wider environmental perspective, understanding the challenges and opportunities that exist for particular developments from a materials, water, biodiversity and transport perspective. Throughout the book, checklists are provided on typical activities and good practice that should be performed. These are expanded through relevant case studies and examples to show-case previous good practices and lessons learnt. The book is structured to allow a matrix approach, with Parts 3 and 4 providing the technical information necessary to deliver a sustainable refurbishment; with sector relevance and best practice with case studies throughout the book.

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Assessment in Online and Blended Learning Environments

Online and blended learning requires the reconstruction of instructor and learner roles, relations, and practices in many aspects. Assessment becomes an important issue in non-traditional learning environments. Assessment literacy, i.e., understanding assessment and assessment strategies, is critical for both instructors and students in creating online and blended environments that are effective for teaching and learning. Instructors need to identify and implement assessment strategies and methods appropriate to online or blended learning. This includes an understanding of the potential of a variety of technology tools for monitoring student learning and improving their teaching effectiveness. From the students’ perspective, good assessment practices can show them what is important to learn and how they should approach learning; hence, engaging them in goal-oriented and self-regulatory cognitions and behaviors.The book targets instructors, instructional designers, and educational leaders who are interested in understanding and implementing either summative or formative assessment in online and blended learning environments. This book will assist the relevant audience in the theory and practice of assessment in online and blended learning environments. Providing both a research and practice perspective, this book can help instructors make the connection between pedagogy and technology tools to maximize their teaching and student learning. Among the questions addressed in this ...

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R. Rajagopal Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry

The global fine and speciality chemicals industry is a vital segment within the chemical value chain, catering to a multitude of societal and industrial needs. Regulatory, sustainability and consumer forces have been constantly shaping the business fundamentals of this industry. Developing value creation strategies, which embed economic, environmental and social sustainability components, will need a comprehensive assessment of business, scientific and technological challenges facing the industry. Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry assesses sustainable value creation options against the backdrop of global mega trends that are defi ning the present and future course of the industry. It discusses innovative strategies in feedstocks, R&D, technology, manufacturing, resource management and the supply chain as well as the significance of the bio-based chemical economy in enabling sustainable value creation in the fine and speciality chemicals industry. Topics covered include: • Transformation in the fine and speciality chemicals business • Sustainable management: evolution, transitions and tools • Research and technology directions • Resource optimization strategies • Bio-based chemicals, specialities and polymers • Sustainable practices in the fine and speciality chemicals industry • Sustainable value creation strategies Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry presents a comprehensive overview of strategic options for sustainability management in the global fine and speciality chemicals industry. It will be a valuable resource for chemists and chemical engineers involved in the design and development of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable practices for the future.

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Waste management planning and optimisation. Handbook for municipal waste prognosis sustainability assessment of systems

This book is the result of three intensive years of investigation performed by partners from 9 European countries, including consulting companies, university institutes and municipalities within the project The Use of Life Cycle Assessment Tools for the Development of Integrated Waste Management Strategies for Cities and Regions with Rapid Growing Economies (LCA-IWM). The project was funded by the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme.Each chapter deals in depth with a different aspect of municipal waste management systems. A method for the prognosis of waste generation is described. The reader is also provided with a clear understanding and significant criteria for the evaluation in terms of sustainability of the waste management situation. The book not only answers the question "how we are", but also provides the reader with key tools to the more important point "how can we improve it". One of the most important contributions of the project is the creation of two user adjustable computer assisted tool which support the accurate making of decisions in the waste management field, where rapid developing municipalities find it difficult to successfully plan their systems in order to fulfill the growing requirements of the European regulations. This Handbook also provides guidelines for the use of the developed Waste Prognostic Tool and the Municipal Solid Waste Management System Assessment Tool.

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Ndibuuza Florence Scholars of the dot com era and ICT

As the faculty struggle to accept, appreciate and learn to use ICT as a pedagogical tool, the onus is left on the dot.com student to surpass his mentor in the utilization of new innovations. The best companion for a twenty first century student is ICT. One only has him/herself to blame for the failure to excel in this era. This book therefore is a wake up call for all university students out there to look into the how, why and the level of use of ICT.

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Thi Luc Hoa Pham Networked World and National ICT Development Strategies for Selected East Asian Countries

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1.3, University of Wuppertal, language: English, abstract: The purpose of this paper is three-fold:- To identify the characteristics and political options of a country, that would affect the success of its ICT adoption.- To identify clusters of nations upon the international ICT indices and GNI per capita- To provide an overall guideline that incorporates these nations toward developing higher ICT indices.[...] This paper shows income level and social background can play very important roles incountry´s ICT development. Within Asian region, South Korea represents the developedgroup, China and Vietnam characterize the developing group. China and Vietnam havesimilar political structure but the first is much bigger than the latter. Therefore, ICTimplementation is different between these 2 countries. This paper is organized as follow, first,short overviews of ICT development as well as the advantages of ICT. Second, 3 countries(South Korea, China and Vietnam) are described in details in both national characteristics andICT performance. In this section, the ICT industry and development of each country areanalyzed in terms of what they have done to adopt ICT as well as how much progress hasbeen made. In section 4, the information about popular ICT ranking indices are given. The10three chosen indices are Networked Readiness Index, Digital Economy Ranking and ICTDevelopment Index. The e...

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John Olberding Building Strong Nonprofits. New Strategies for Growth and Sustainability

A proven, strategic plan to help your nonprofit emerge from the 2008-2009 economic storm Utilizing the extensive expertise of leading fundraising consulting firm Skystone Ryans executive leadership team and managing consultants to explore and illuminate the most timely issues facing the philanthropic community, Building Strong Nonprofits: New Strategies for Growth and Sustainability identifies new opportunities to define the future of philanthropy. Includes notable contributors from the Skystone Ryan leadership team Analyzes the most potent trends and developments and interpret their implications for the future of philanthropy Offers eight to twelve essays, each by a different Skystone Ryan consultant with particular experience, insight, and expertise in the area Building Strong Nonprofits: New Strategies for Growth and Sustainability is you, whether you are a nonprofit leader, executive director, board member, or development director, and are becoming aware that new organizational strategies are called for if the same old donors are not supportive in the same old ways.

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Nancy McMunn D. A Teachers Guide to Classroom Assessment. Understanding and Using Assessment Improve Student Learning

A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Assessment is a comprehensive guide that shows step-by-step how to effectively integrate assessment into the classroom. Written for both new and seasoned teachers, this important book offers a practical aid for developing assessment skills and strategies, building assessment literacy, and ultimately improving student learning. Based on extensive research, this book is filled with illustrative, down-to-earth examples of how classroom assessment works in classrooms where assessment drives the instruction. The authors present the Classroom Assessment Cycle—Clarifying learning targets, Collecting assessment evidence, Analyzing assessment data, and Modifying instruction based upon assessment data—that demonstrates how one assessment action must flow into the next to be effective. Each chapter details the kinds of assessment evidence that are the most useful for determining student achievement and provides instruction in the analysis of assessment data.

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Machunwangliu Kamei Translation of ICT for Education towards a Knowledge Society

The growing importance of knowledge, research, innovation and evolving perspectives on expertise with the usage of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) are changing the sociology of knowledge in the globalized world. Universities are the major institutions involved in the production and dissemination of knowledge. This book looks at ICT for education initiatives taken up towards building a Knowledge Society as emphasized in national education policy regimes for encouraging knowledge generation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge diffusion and the exploitation of knowledge. The research examines the present practice of ICT adoption in an existing framework of University of Hyderabad (UOH) and Tezpur University (TZU) through intensive case study. The research attempts to analyze issues of knowledge, governance and access using ICT; the application of communication technologies in Higher Education Sector that helps in fulfilling the goal of a Knowledge Society; the communication process and strategies in the networking of higher education into a Knowledge Society; existing 'digital divide' and the implications. The Stakeholder's perspective further highlights the advantages and the challenges faced in the actual implementation of ICT4E. Based on the study, the research offers recommendations for management, human resources, processes and institutional culture in ICT4E implementation.

8777 РУБ



Ken Webster, Craig Johnson Sense and Sustainability

The transition to a low carbon economy will be challenging but necessary. This book makes the case for a practical education for sustainability based on exploring and testing frameworks especially the ideas and innovations behind the leading edge of design, business and industry today. Inspired by understanding living systems, this new circular economy is transforming the sense of what a sustainable future might be. Education contributes most to the future of our young people when it opens up discussion on how sustainable can be aspirational: in our view, it needs to be about 'better and better' not 'less and less'.This highly illustrated book also comes with online materials and resources for continuing professional development.An inspiring and timely book for educators.

3802 РУБ



Vincenzo Belgiorno Odour Impact Assessment Handbook

Odours have become a priority concern for facility operators, engineers and urban planners who deal with waste and industrial treatment plants. The subjectivity of smell perception, its variability due to frequency and weather conditions, and the complex nature of the substances involved, has long hampered the regulation of odour emissions. This book provides a comprehensive framework for the assessment, measurement and monitoring of odour emissions, and covers: Odour characterization and exposure effects Instruments and methods for sampling and measurement Strategies for odour control Dispersion modelling for odour exposure assessment Odour regulations and policies Procedures for odour impact assessment Case studies: Wastewater treatment, composting, industrial and CAFO plants, and landfill Intended for researchers in environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, and civil engineering, this book is also an invaluable guide for industry professionals working in wastewater treatment, environmental and air analysis, and waste management.

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Jhuma Sadhukhan Biorefineries and Chemical Processes. Design, Integration Sustainability Analysis

As the range of feedstocks, process technologies and products expand, biorefineries will become increasingly complex manufacturing systems. Biorefineries and Chemical Processes: Design, Integration and Sustainability Analysis presents process modelling and integration, and whole system life cycle analysis tools for the synthesis, design, operation and sustainable development of biorefinery and chemical processes. Topics covered include: Introduction: An introduction to the concept and development of biorefineries. Tools: Included here are the methods for detailed economic and environmental impact analyses; combined economic value and environmental impact analysis; life cycle assessment (LCA); multi-criteria analysis; heat integration and utility system design; mathematical programming based optimization and genetic algorithms. Process synthesis and design: Focuses on modern unit operations and innovative process flowsheets. Discusses thermochemical and biochemical processing of biomass, production of chemicals and polymers from biomass, and processes for carbon dioxide capture. Biorefinery systems: Presents biorefinery process synthesis using whole system analysis. Discusses bio-oil and algae biorefineries, integrated fuel cells and renewables, and heterogeneous catalytic reactors. Companion website: Four case studies, additional exercises and examples are available online, together with three supplementary chapters which address waste and emission minimization, energy storage and control systems, and the optimization and reuse of water. This textbook is designed to bridge a gap between engineering design and sustainability assessment, for advanced students and practicing process designers and engineers.

9683.48 РУБ



Kaji Vasimmahmad ICTs in ELT. Innovations Education

The present curricula for ICT in Education aims at realising the goals of the National Policy of ICT in Schools Education and the National Curriculum Framework. Given the dynamic nature of ICT, the curricula, emphasising the core educational purposes, is generic in design and focuses on a broad exposure to technologies, together aimed at enhancing creativity and imagination of the learners. For the teacher, it is an initiation into: Exploring educational possibilities of technology, Learning to make right choices of hardware, software and ICT interactions, and Growing to become a critical user of ICT. For the student, it is an initiation into: Creativity and problem solving, An introduction to the world of information and technologies, and An opportunity to shape career pursuits. Teachers who are already proficient in ICT can fast track through the course.

7264 РУБ



Mary Wanjiru Nganga, Zachary Kosgei, Joyce Kanyiri Ict Adoption in Schools;

Information and communication technology has direct role to play in education and if used appropriately can bring many benefits to the classroom. ICT use in school management is important if its impact has to be felt in education. The perception and experience of teachers and school administrators play an important role in adoption of ICT schools. Computer use in Kenyan schools is still in its early phase despite the introduction of ICT the 70s. The potential of ICT as a tool to aid administration of schools has not been fully exploited.Despite the efforts by the stakeholders to integrate ICT in schools,the level of integration is low. Hence it is crucial to investigate the issues pertaining to the low level of adoption of ICT in schools. This study investigated the adoption and use of ICT enhancing efficiency in management of public secondary schools. The study findings are expected to be helpful to educational managers, policy makers and scholers interested in ICT use in schools and education sector in general.

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Mary Curran Ann Life Cycle Assessment Student Handbook

This student version of the popular bestseller, Life Cycle Assessment Handbook, is not a watered-down version of the original, but retains all of the important information and valuable lessons provided in the first book, along with helpful problems and solutions for the student learning about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). As the last several decades have seen a dramatic rise in the application of LCA in decision making, the interest in the life cycle concept as an environmental management and sustainability tool continues to grow. The LCA Student Handbook offers a look at the role that life cycle information, in the hands of companies, governments and consumers, may have in improving the environmental performance of products and technologies. It concisely and clearly presents the various aspects of LCA in order to help the reader better understand the subject. The international success of the sustainability paradigm needs the participation of many stakeholders, including citizens, corporations, academia, and NGOs. The handbook links LCA and responsible decision making and how the life cycle concept is a critical element in environmental sustainability. It covers issues such as building capacity in developing countries and emerging economies so that they are more capable of harnessing the potential in LCA for sustainable development. Governments play a very important role with the leverage they have through procurement, regulation, international treaties, tax incentives, public outreach, and other policy tools. This compilation of points to the clear trend for incorporating life cycle information into the design and development processes for products and policies, just as quality and safety concerns are now addressed throughout product design and development. The Life Cycle Assessment Student Handbook is not just for students. It is also a valuable resource for practitioners looking for a desktop reference on LCA or for any engineer, manager, or policy-maker wishing to learn about LCA.

7743.11 РУБ



Mudhoo Ackmez Bioremediation and Sustainability. Research Applications

Bioremediation and Sustainability is an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of research and applications for some of the most important low-cost, «green,» emerging technologies in chemical and environmental engineering.

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